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Almost the Last Post

July 11, 2019

It’s been a long while since I last posted on the Forcing Change blog. My book, Game of Gods: The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment, was finally released in October 2018. Writing this work was a monumental undertaking, with incredible challenges and blessings along the way.

The book itself is substantial: Over 550 pages and 1,800 footnotes, with topics spanning transhumanism, global governance, interfaithism, transformational culture, the world city as an ideal, how the New Age and Eastern spirituality entered the mainstream, psychedelic influences and the social revolution of the 1960s, eco-spirituality, myth and the Pagan worldview, the passing of Postmodernism into Re-Enchantment, Oneness vs. Otherness… and so many other interlocking subjects.

And the book has received some fantastic endorsements and reviews (see below).

All of that said, this Forcing Change blog will be shut down later in the summer. In its place a new website is being launched, a re-made Forcing Change homepage with an extensive selection of articles and essays, media interviews, and a membership side with all of the Forcing Change magazine back issues.  When this new site is up, there will be a final blog notification and then this page will be shuttered shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, Game of Gods can be purchased on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. You can also read excerpts and see media interviews at,

Here’s the link to the Amazon order page. And thank you for your support!

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.59.40 PM.png

“From politics to transhumanism to the interfaith movement, Western culture is quickly turning away from a biblical worldview and embracing a false gospel of Oneness. Teichrib skillfully explains the roots of this shift and how the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ is still the only hope for a world enraptured with paganism.Game of Gods is exactly the resource the church needs for such a time as this. Read it!
– Janet Mefferd, host of Janet Mefferd Today.

“Game of Gods is the most thorough writing of our generation on the history and inner workings of the one-world movement.”
– Gary H. Kah, author of En Route to Global Occupation & The New World Religion.

“Game of Gods is a must-read. Teichrib draws on primary sources and lets the leaders of a new globalist religion tell you exactly what they’re planning: a new Golden Age ruled by the gods of antiquity.”
– Derek Gilbert, host ofSkyWatchTV and author of Last Clash of the Titans.

“Timely truth with flawlessly documented research, unparalleled scope and insight.”
– Debra Rae, author of ABCs of Globalism.

“One of the most brilliant pieces of work ever written on how the Judeo-Christian narrative has been abandoned in our politics and culture, replaced by a me-god worldview. A must read… for such a time as this!
– Cindy Hartline, host of Love For The Truth Radio.

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