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Update on “Game of Gods”

August 19, 2017

It’s been too long since I last posted in this blog. No excuses, just super busy working on my book project, Game of Gods: The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment. Presently the project is about five months from completion. It’s a huge undertaking!

So what is Game of Gods about, and how does the manuscript break down?

The book is a Christian-based survey and journey into Oneness, with an associated thought; we are surpassing Postmodernism and moving into the age of Re-enchantment.

You may be asking, what is oneness? Simply put, it is the underlying yet dominant paradigm of our human story: That God, Humanity, and Nature share the same essence. Reality is thus One, and Oneness becomes the driver of our social, cultural, political, religious and even technological constructs.

The Biblical position is different: God is distinct, unique, and exalted beyond creation. Humanity, while part of nature, is designed with an intrinsic value higher than the natural world. This distinction has been called Two-ism by Dr. Peter Jones of TruthXChange; that reality is comprised of Two – God, and everything else. It can also be considered as Otherness

Not only are these two positions – Oneness and Otherness – fundamentally at odds religiously and philosophically, but our response to either position shapes how we view civilization, law, ethics and morality, rights and responsibilities, and so much more. It defines how we see truth, and it ultimately determines our sense of purpose and meaning. 

Game of Gods explores Oneness, and does so in a manner that allows you to see into its heart. Along the way, I bring you with me as I witness Oneness in motion at the United Nations, New Age and Pagan gatherings, major interfaith conferences, transhumanist events, and transformational celebrations. This is more than a dry academic exercise. It’s a personal journey.  Game of Gods Cover

Here’s a breakdown of what the manuscript currently looks like. Note: Anything not marked “not finished” is complete. 


Introduction (not finished).

Part 1 presents the reader with the concept of Oneness.

Chapter 1: Visions of One.

Chapter 2: The Planetized Generation.

Part 2 is a progressively enlarging historical survey showing how we arrived at Re-Enchantment. 

Chapter 3: Shifting Faiths.

Chapter 4: The Temple of Man.

Chapter 5: Fuzzy Daze.

Chapter 6: Enchanting Ourselves.

Chapter 7: Magical Re-Enchantment (not finished).

Part 3 tackles Biblical approaches to the topic – God as separate and unique from creation, the first deception, and the concept of collective rebellion. 

Chapter 8: Agonizing Transcendence (not finished).

Chapter 9: Circle of Gods.

Chapter 10: Building Cosmopolis.

Part 4 contains “mini-books” exploring manifestations of Oneness in politics, religion and interfaithism, transhumanism, and transformational culture.

Chapter 11: The Cult of World Order.

Chapter 12: Spiritual Politics.

Chapter 13: Parliament of Oneness.

Chapter 14: Machines of Loving Grace.

Chapter 15: Celebrating Transformation (not finished).

Part 5 is a three-section conclusion in one brief chapter. 

Chapter 16: Challenges and Opportunities (not finished)


Index (not finished).

P.S. I have embarked on a crowd funding campaign to secure a permanent base for my research, writing, and publishing. If you’re interested in contributing, you can do so here.


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