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Spring Personal Update – Lots Going On!

June 1, 2015

It’s been too long since my last personal update. Much has happened, and the business of this season has certainly contributed to my absence on this blog. Nevertheless, here’s a bit of what’s transpired in the last three months.


– I’m working on a book! Yes, it’s been in play for some time, and this past winter witnessed progress in developing the key thoughts that form the core of the manuscript. The last three months in particular have been especially productive. First, the introduction to the book – which is a mini-volume in its own rite – was finalized. This was no small task as it took four months of research, writing, hard analysis of the main argument, and editing/re-writing before the section was solid enough to form the backbone of the book. Chapters one and two were finished during March and May, and other sections have been moving forward. It’s coming together!

– During March my wife and I had the opportunity to examine the contents of five boxes of World Federalist documents: letters, memos, and reports from the late 1940s and early 1950s. It was an intense day, as we only had a short space to review and catalog the material. But talk about fascinating stuff! Here, in these boxes, was archived the history of a big idea: world government, and the people and organizations behind the early quest for “one world.”

– Of course, as Forcing Change is a monthly online magazine, each month included the release of another report. The March edition explored transformational festivals and evolutionary culture, with two important guest articles. In April I published a rough draft of one of my book chapters, exploring the “meaning of the city,” Babel, and the desire for power through human unity. May delved into the findings of those five boxes of documents, and the discovered role of church organizations in promoting and supporting “world government.” It’s amazing what time reveals!

– Every quarter, I help edit and fact-check articles for author Gary Kah’s newsletter, Hope For The World Update. In early March I worked through the Spring edition, and then in May finished pulling together the requirements for the Summer issue.

– Media Interviews: Stand Up For The Truth, God’s Property Radio, and Love For The Truth Radio.

– Speaking engagements: I had the opportunity to give talks to the following audiences. Neepawa Christian Fellowship (Neepawa, MB), Morris Fellowship Chapel (Morris, MB), Faith Fellowship Baptist Church (Brandon, MB), and the Discerning the Times Bible Conference (Saskatoon, SK).


– We went to Indiana for a short stint to assist with the Hamilton County Passion Play, Behold the Lamb. My wife worked with make-up and doing other backstage duties, our daughter was a drama extra, and I ran a spotlight. Here’s an article on the production: Note: there’s an error in the piece. It says “around 70,000 people a year” come to see the play. Oh, would that be nice! But the production would need a much larger venue. The number is around 7,000 people in a single week. One extra zero was added to the article – a simple typo.

– Our time in Indiana was one of reconnecting with so many wonderful people: lunch and supper visits, coffee meetings, surprise drop-ins, and just relaxing. After the passion play, Leanne and I spent a couple of days with friends along the Indiana-Kentucky line, visiting and exploring the region. And during one afternoon we toured the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The only real downfall was this: our time in Indiana was simply too short.


Found a great fossil in southern Indiana. Way too heavy to carry!

– I was able to go metal detecting a few times this spring, with attention given to one spot that has paid off in the past with old coins and interesting artifacts. My finds this spring included more than ten extra-small, five-cent silver coins (including a 1908 Newfoundland 5¢ coin), over a dozen silver dimes, six silver quarters, some old nickels and oversized pennies, approximately 100 old copper pennies, and an 1882 Newfoundland 50¢ silver piece. Yup, I found two old Newfie coins in rural Manitoba. How cool is that!

Some coins found in one evening, including the 1882 NFLD 50 cent piece.

Some coins found in one evening, including the 1882 NFLD 50 cent piece.

– Our daughter, Austin, sang in two adjudicated music festivals, and presented well enough to be recommended to compete at the provincial level, which she did. Although she didn’t take the provincial prize, she did well in her placement. Way to go!

– With spring now here, and everything popping up, we managed to have one small feed of delicious fiddleheads (we would have had more, but most were killed during a freak snowstorm). However, we undercooked the tasty morsels. Oh boy, did that ever mess up our stomachs! But we’ve been fortunate. For decades, I’ve been picking and eating wild foods – nettles, different mushrooms, dandelions, all kinds of wild berries and more – and this is the first time we’ve had an adverse reaction. It was an unpleasant but not unimportant reminder to be careful when cooking and eating wild foods.

– Coco, our crazy dog who was 14 years old but acted half her age, suddenly developed fatal kidney problem. It was a sad day at the Teichrib house… 😦

Coco was an outdoor dog, but was inside and watching as a cattle drive was passing our yard.

Coco was an outdoor dog, but was inside and watching as a cattle drive was passing our yard.

– Our son, Scott, who works for a North American railroad company, has been fortunate to work weekly shifts; seven days on, seven days off. It’s always nice to see him drive into the yard and know he’s with us for a week.

– Did some chainsawing. It may sound weird, but after spending time researching and writing, a guy just needs to get out and work with his hands. Last year, a stretch of oak bush was bulldozed for the extra acres just a mile away from our house. So… chainsaw in hand, I cut and hauled away five truck loads of oak firewood. Now all I need is a place with a woodstove… 🙂

Books Read:

– Rob Eagar, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer’s Guide to Marketing and Publicity (Writer’s Digest, 2012).

– Michael Hyatt, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (Thomas Nelson, 2012).

– W. Warren Wagar, The City of Man: Prophecies of a World Civilization in Twentieth-Century Thought (Houghton Mifflin, 1963).

– Douglas R. Groothuis, Unmasking the New Age (InterVarsity, 1986).

– John E. Haynes and Harvey Klehr, In Denial: Historians, Communism and Espionage (Encounter Books, 2003).

Scott was pretty excited... his first car!

Scott was pretty excited… his first car!

Our daughter is a boxer, and was part of a demonstration this spring.

Our daughter is a boxer, and was part of a demonstration this spring.

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