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Circle of Gods – Release Note

March 5, 2015

“Prepare to see yourselves as Gods…” – Maitreya.

February 2015 Cover

Chairs shuffled as the conference room came alive. “Now take a hand and form a circle,” explained our afternoon speaker. Quickly I scanned for an exist, but a hand grabbed mine and pulled me to the edge of the row. Another hand connected. Looking at my chair about ten feet from the end of the aisle, I could see that the light on my micro-

cassette recorder was still on. At least I would capture the audio of what I was witnessing.

Eileen Sarafis, a Broadway vocalist with gospel albums, stepped into our giant human ring. The richness of her voice flowed into every corner of the room.

“I AM the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. The First and the Last; I AM, I AM… I AM the Word of God, I AM the Lamb… I AM the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; I AM Holy, Holy Lord. God almighty,

which was and is, and is to come… I AM that I AM…”

Her last note faded into a reverential hush, and many eyes were closed in profound introspection. Breaking the moment, our speaker – now standing in the center – calmly acknowledged the divinity that encircled him; “The Christ within me salutes, honors, and respects the Christ within each and everyone of you…”


The February issue of Forcing Change opens with the lines above. In this issue, which was released a number of days ago, we explore the idea of divinity as expressed in the New Age Movement and in various branches of spiritual philosophy. More than that, we compare and contrast these God-claims against the Biblical text. The purpose? To better understand the depth and scope of the Genesis account, and to recognize that the core of Genesis 3 remains in motion today.

In fact, it informs our modern world – we continually declare our own mastery, and act it out, often against one another.

Along the way, you’ll join the author as he embeds himself in a New Age conference, and finds himself in a “Circle of Gods.”

Member-subscribers of Forcing Change, go to, log in, and download this historically important edition. Use it as a sounding board – a launching pad for discussion and conversations – and through it, take note how the “old” idea of Genesis continuously plays out in Western society today.

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