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February Update

March 2, 2015

Q&A at the TruthXChange think tank.

Each month I relate what’s happening with Forcing Change, and give you a glimpse into what we’ve done as a family. Here’s the update for February.


– In early February I had the opportunity of traveling to Escondido, California, where I participated in the TruthXChange think tank. Peter Jones, author of Capturing the Pagan Mind, One or Two, and other books on the Christian response to global Oneness, contacted myself around the Christmas season to see if I could attend. As Executive Director of TruthXChange, he graciously allowed me time to give a modified “frontline” presentation to the gathering. It was a great experience with lots of good feedback. My topic? How Oneness is being expressed through evolutionary culture and transformational festivals.

On my way to the think tank, my connecting flight in Minneapolis was delayed because of storms along the eastern seaboard. During the wait, a young lady sat next to me for a few minutes. Based on her attire and other clues, I asked if she was a flow artist – yes! “Which transformational festivals have you attended?” She gave me a quick list of events in New York and California, including Joshua Tree. Understanding that she’d experienced a crosscut of evolutionary culture, I asked her a basic question; “What’s the common connection between the festivals?” Her response was immediate and telling: “It’s spiritual – it’s all very spiritual.”

– February was “manuscript month.” I had a few weeks to push hard on some first draft chapters, and now I just want to keep going! I’m looking forward to the end product, and it might be done before 2025, my sarcastic date-for-completion.

– Finished the February issue of Forcing Change, which looks at the topic of “becoming God.” It’s an overview of Genesis 1 and 3, and how this plays into religious and philosophical thought today. Some of this has been explored in past editions of Forcing Change, but the topic here is being considered in-depth. The essay title is “Circle of Gods.”

Radio Shows: I was a guest on Stand for Truth, hosted by Susan Knowles.


– As I was in Escondido, California, for the first week of February, I booked one day extra to rent a car and explore. I had never been to California before, and I was excited to check out the scenery, go to the beaches, and just relax. My day’s goal was simple: Drive west until I found salt water, follow the shore at my leisure, and soak up the sun wherever and whenever. So I first found myself in Oceanside and spent time walking the surf there, then drove down to Torrey Pines – but because of some fancy golf tournament, I couldn’t find anywhere to park – thus I continued on until I found myself at Mission Beach. That’s where I stayed until the sun went down, and loved every minute of it. I was a little nervous about finding my way back, for I didn’t have a map, GPS or cell phone, and because I really didn’t know where I was in relationship to Escondido. I just started driving, and everything fell into place.

The beach at Oceanside.

The beach at Oceanside.


Near Torrey Pines.

– The day after my return from California, Leanne and I were treated to a wonderful choir experience. Scott and Austin, our son and daughter, were part of the Provincial Honour Choirs, an auditioned ensemble made up of singers from across Manitoba. Scott performed with the adult group, conducted by Michelle Chyzyk, and Austin with the Senior School choir, conducted by Christopher Aspaas.

– Leanne had the opportunity of adjudicating a youth speech-arts festival in Binscarth, Manitoba. For two days she listened to poems, readings, speech choirs, and other forms of speech art – and then had the difficult task of evaluating and marking each performance. The level of competence demonstrated by the participating youth was remarkable. Moreover, as Leanne is involved in organizing a similar festival in our area during the month of March, she had to devote a lot of time and attention in February toward this upcoming event.

– Went downhill skiing at a local hill, and I’m paying for it in pain. But it was so much fun! In the past I used to be aggressive on the slope, but over the years I’ve taken a more conservative approach. However, I decided – for old time sake – to push the boundaries. One tabletop jump, in order to clear it, required hitting the approach at top speed. Unfortunately, while in the air, a ski binding let go… so my landing was a little messy. As one ski remained and the other went on without me, I was instantly flipped sideways, landing hard on my left shoulder. “Snap-Crackle-and-Pop” are no longer just Kellogg mascots for Rice Krispies. I don’t think I broke anything… but my shoulder is not quite right. Anyway, I got up, remounted, and – after tightening the bindings – cleared the tabletop (most of the time), again and again and again. Silly tabletop.

– Scott spent a week house sitting for relatives, and this gave him some time on his own. He also went for rail equipment training and received his ticket to operate railway track machinery, so it looks like he’s back on the railroad this spring. And he and Austin volunteered for a couple of days at the toboggan hill at Valley View Bible Camp.

Stinkers for the month of February: Colds all around (Austin is still sick), and a week of tire trouble. In five days we had 7 nails, two flats, and one tire wrecked when a nail went through the sidewall. The joy of living on a dirt/gravel road not far from the municipal garbage dump.

Books Read:

– Josef M. Bauer, As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (Skyhorse Publishing, 2008).

– Peter Jones, Capturing the Pagan Mind: Paul’s Blueprint for Thinking and Living in the New Global Culture (Broadman & Holman,2003).

– Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. The Majesty of God in the Old Testament (Baker Academic, 2007).

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