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January Update

February 3, 2015

Here’s a glimpse into the last four weeks of Forcing Change and the Teichrib life.10885362_10152892881917394_8611965907501353142_n


– Finally had the opportunity of returning to my manuscript project, at least for a while. Yes, I’m trying to write a book. At this point it’s without title, but the thrust of the text examines the ongoing shift to the paradigm of Oneness. To that end, I explore the little mentioned change over from post-modernism into the Age of Re-Enchantment, and the many political, social, technological, and religious by-products that emerges from this transformation. We’re on the edge of a whole new world!

– Spoke three times to congregations in Manitoba. The communities I went to: St. Laurent, Fortier, and Neepawa.

– Worked on a Google Map project in which I’m pinning locations of transformational festivals and events that express evolutionary spiritual change. This project will be used, in-part, during a thirty minute presentation I’m giving at the TruthXChange think tank conference in Escondido, California during the first week of February.

– Finished the January edition of Forcing Change magazine. The January issue delves into three personal and interlocking questions: Who do you follow? Who do you trust? Who do you serve? Moreover, a guest author challenges Christian researchers and activists to pursue their calling with a higher standard.

– Radio Shows I was interviewed on: TruNews, VFTB, Truth Traveler, and The Bunker Files.


– The Teichrib household was hit with two-weeks of illness, which started right before the New Year. Oh joy.

– Our daughter has been boxing now for about a year, and in January, Leanne and our son decided to take it up too. What does this mean for me? Think about it… 🙂

– Gave a speech workshop for one evening to the local 4-H club. It was a lot of fun, and because the ages of club members varied from teens to younger children, the questions were interesting. “What happens if I’m giving my speech and the wind blows and my hair gets in my face?” “What happens if…”

– Attended two funerals in one week. Not fun.

Books Read: Richard E. Byrd, Skyward (Halcyon House, 1937).

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