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December 2014 Update

January 7, 2015

10410864_10152891645142394_2255004650919609961_nThe last month of 2014 was busy but very good; a time to meet new friends, and re-connect with family and long time friends. Here’s the breakdown of what transpired in December with Forcing Change (, the online publication and platform I work with, and the Teichrib household – including some traipsing through the woods, fires on ice, and other general stuff…


– The first few days of December were spent in the Dallas, TX, area where I gave an hour-and-a-half presentation at a conference. Besides the time spent at the lectern, the other highlight was interacting with so many people; face-to-face meetings with folks I had previously connected with online, re-connecting with friends from other parts of the continent, and developing new acquaintances.

Meeting Mark Musser, author of the book, "Nazi Oaks," while in Dallas.

Meeting Mark Musser, author of the book, “Nazi Oaks,” while in Dallas.

– The last 2014 edition of Forcing Change was wrapped up; a “Global Calendar of Events” outlining 55 events aimed at global political, economic, social and spiritual transformation – the continuing quest for “one world.”

– Spent time marking 38 essays from the course I taught at Millar College of the Bible in early November. The title of my modular course: “Secular Trends.” Students who took the class had to write an essay on some topic that fit with the general topic or tackled a specific area that we touched on as a group. Thus, essays hit on everything from Humanist manifestos to notable personalities to transhumanism to evolutionary culture.

– Wrapped up an editorial job for Hope For The World Update, the quarterly newsletter of author Gary Kah. Since 1997 I’ve been involved in pulling together the initial editorial selections for Gary’s publication, placing an amalgamation of articles and entries into their hands for consideration and possible use.

Radio/TV shows: I was on one radio program in December, The Janet Mefferd Show. Although I had been on Janet’s program before, what made this show especially exciting for myself was that it took place in-studio. Just before I was to travel to Dallas for the conference, Janet’s producer contacted me about doing a show via telephone. I explained, however, that I couldn’t participate due to the fact that I’d be in Dallas when the show aired. “We’re in Dallas,” came the reply. Well, that changed everything! Little did I know, Janet’s studio was only a two minute drive from my hotel…

That same week, in Dallas, I had the opportunity of doing an interview with Zola TV for Zola Levitt Presents. The interview, about 15 minutes long, is to be aired sometime in 2015.

Meeting Janet Mefferd and her producer in Dallas.

Meeting Kathleen, the show’s producer, and Janet Mefferd in Dallas.


– One of our highlights as a family was that Scott, our son, returned from working on the railway tracks after a long and hard season. What’s more, he planned on arriving home without telling us. So, late one evening while Leanne, Austin and I were watching a movie in the basement, we heard some rustling upstairs. I ran up to see what was going on, thinking it was the cat at the door, and lo-and-behold, there was Scott! Much cheering and jumping followed.

– Before, during, and after Christmas was spent with family and friends; playing games, eating and visiting, and opening gifts. Christmas at my father’s farm was spent on the river with the kids skating and two huge fires on the ice at night. Lots of fun, but even after two months of sub-zero temperatures, we had to watch for soft spots where the river is shallow and fast. And yes, Dad fell through up to his hip in one place. While at the in-laws we enjoyed a rousing game of Christmas charades, good visits, and fantastic food.

Christmas on the river.

Christmas on the river.

– Christmas eve was a special evening. As a family we decided to walk the trails through some heavily wooded property and hike along the river ice. The weather was fantastic; just a bit below freezing, and the forest was silent – except for our laughter, joking, and the sounds of exploring in the trees and snow.



– Leanne, Scott and Austin participated in our church’s Christmas concert. All three are blessed with the ability to sing, and each enjoyed being part of the choir and ensemble. Me? I know what I can’t do, and I know what’s possible – so I sat in the pew and enjoyed the evening.


Austin demonstrating a new piano style… šŸ™‚

Books Read:

Only two short books read in December: 1) Mark Clifton, Eight Keys to Eden (Doubleday, 1960), 2) Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Rebuilding Russia: Reflections and Tentative Proposals (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1990/1991).

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  1. derekvftb permalink
    January 7, 2015 5:24 pm

    “Dad fell through up to his hip in one place.”

    Skillfully written! Much more delicate than writing, “Dad flash-froze the family jewels.”

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!


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