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August Update

September 11, 2014

Yes, it’s almost mid-September, and while the calender says one thing, I was hoping August had only temporarily hid itself and was secretly getting ready to jump out from behind the calender and say, “see, it’s not autumn, I’m still here!” Alas, August is having a hard time showing up… “sigh”… now that it’s “September” and we’ve had frost warnings, I need to tell you what transpired during the summer-like month of August.


– Spent time working on two major undertakings: First, my ongoing manuscript project, which uses the theme of Oneness as the central point of discussion and exploration – including cultural and political aspects of this rising worldview. Second, a Google Maps-based project that pins the locations of transformational festivals and events in Canada and the US. After presenting on “evolutionary culture” this summer at different speaking venues, and talking to a friend who’s a worldview researcher, I was encouraged to begin visually plotting where these events take place. When the map is complete, it will literally be a graphic image that demonstrates the reality of the spiritual shift happening in our continent.

– Gave a presentation on differing religions to a staff meeting at Valley View Bible Camp. As so many alternative spiritual beliefs have entered the religious “marketplace of ideas,” it is important to first know what and why we as a Christian believe, and then to grasp what others believe so we can interact with a measure of knowledge and respectfully engage as a Christian witness.

– As the end of August was the Burning Man event in the desert of north-western Nevada, I kept my eyes and ears on the live feed of the Burn and spent time interacting with the Burn community in Second Life. Yes, I have wanted to go to the event for years, but was unable to – maybe next year…  I also had contacts on-site in Nevada, so there was some important information being shared during the week-long gathering. It is important to note that Burning Man is the most influential transformational festival/event in the Western world, and outwardly represents what is inwardly shifting in our cultural/spiritual landscape.

– Worked on pulling together articles as part of a front-end editing job I do quarterly for Hope For The World Update.

Radio Shows: I gave two interviews during the month of August, both on the topic of transformational culture and the spiritual underpinnings of Oneness. The first show was with Love For The Truth Radio, and the second was the now annual program with Remnant-X-Radio on the topic of Burning Man.


– A large part of the month was helping a friend move his household from rural Manitoba to Ottawa, Ontario. This required days of packing, picking up a rental truck in North Dakota, installing air shocks on a second truck, and then sloowwly moving our overloaded units through the rock and lake country of Northern Ontario. But it was a fun adventure! While my friend drove one truck and I the other (mine had a 26 foot box and pulled a car on a dolly), we each listened to an audio book – “Democracy in America,” by Alexis de Tocqueville – and discussed it along the way. At night my friend slept in the moving truck, and I stretched out in the back of the car-in-tow. And as two large dogs were part of our crew, we had to stop and stretch our legs, which often meant picking wild raspberries and rose hips along the road. A few parts of the trip were a little stressful; like working from 2 AM to 5 AM trying to turn the rig around in a too-tight yard that was sloped on all sides (lots of jacking, blocking, unhooking…), watching the speedometer fall to 30-kmh as my too heavy truck groaned up long hills (“don’t die on my now Mr. Transmission…”), and having to wedge and weave the truck and trailer through very tight spaces – including an insanely narrow tree-lined lane and an overcrowded Costco parking lot. But we made it to Ottawa… with less then two hours before my flight back to Manitoba!

Moving 1

Moving 3

– Our daughter worked as a Cabin Leader for a couple of weeks in a local Bible camp. This was a learning experience as her first group of girls pushed the limits from the first day onward, but she pulled through with a new appreciation for the strength and wisdom that comes from trusting God. Our son continued his summer working for one of Canada’s largest railroad companies, doing track repair and service work across eastern Manitoba and north-western Ontario. And my good wife spent much of the month working shifts at a local senior home.

– We were blessed in August to enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden, and as I enjoy mushroom picking, we had a couple of good feeds on wild fungi!

– We were saddened by the death of a dear church friend, a man I’ve known since my childhood, and one who always took the time to encourage others.

Books Read:

– John N. Oswalt, The Bible Among The Myths (Zondervan, 2009).

– Robert M. Geraci, Virtually Sacred: Myth and Meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life (Oxford University Press, 2014).

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