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July Update – Traipsing with the Teichrib’s

August 7, 2014

July was filled to the brim! Here’s the update for the first real month of summer.

Professionally:Pikes Peak Summit

– Spoke three times at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit in Colorado Springs, CO. My first presentation was on “evolutionary culture” – transformational festivals and the worldview represented in this planet-wide celebratory phenomena. The second talk was a broad survey of global oneness, starting with the Tower of Babel and extending the concept of collective unity into modern political, economic, religious and transhuman endeavors. My final talk was an overview of transhumanism and techno-deification, demonstrating that the notion of transhuman ascension parallels other attempts at self-salvation.

But the real highlight of the Summit was the time spent with the many people who attended; connecting in-person with social media friends, having wonderful and sometimes challenging conversations, and being encouraged and encouraging others.

– Took a little time to work on my manuscript. It’s coming along… very slowly!

– Worked on editing and putting together the July edition of Forcing Change magazine, which features a guest essay on secular humanism. However, due to the fact that the Pikes Peak Summit required a substantial amount of time in preparation and participation, the July edition wasn’t complete until after my return in early August.

– Did a “sit-down” style video recording of my presentation – “Is God Green?” After this project is edited and finalized, the completed DVD will be available for anyone interested in the subject of deep ecology and the Christian perspective of “green.”10577039_10152569576912394_3288471187987449672_n

– Radio interviews for the month included; The Janet Mefferd Show, Call to Rights (guest hosted by Chuck Coppes), VFTB (to be played in August), and I had the opportunity of doing an in-studio morning interview on Denver’s AM91 (which is located in a really cool castle on the north side of the metro-area).



– On July 8th Leanne and I celebrated 25 years of marriage! It was a nice day. We, along with our daughter, went to Winnipeg and spent time hanging out in Assiniboine Park, enjoyed a nice meal, and later picked up a good friend from the airport. I’ll grant that this doesn’t fit the typical idea of a marriage celebration, but it was a lot of fun, and the main point is that we had a great time together.

Celebrating 25 years

– Enjoyed Canada Day celebrations with friends in the town of Austin, Manitoba. For a small community (under 500 people), they put on an excellent fireworks display.

– A family friend from Indiana flew north to experience our Manitoba swarms of mosquitoes, and to visit the Teichrib home! For two weeks we were blessed to spend time visiting, laughing, and enjoying experiences together; including sailing on Clear Lake (thanks to the Dyck family), hiking in Spruce Woods Park, watching a bear ramble around in a friend’s yard, picking fresh strawberries and making jam, and just relaxing.

– Early in the month I participated in a day of paint-ball. What made this outing different was that it was set-up as a rookie introduction day. Experienced players and one old-timer (yours truly) were paired up with enthusiastic youth who were completely new to the sport. It reminded me how out of shape I really am! Besides the tactical, strategic, and action-oriented elements found in paint-ball that make the game so appealing, the sport has an interesting way of disclosing a person’s temperament, honesty, and sense of fair-play.

– Our daughter, Austin, spent a week with her “Aunt Joe” in Saskatchewan butchering chickens. This is the kind of activity that has largely been lost in our urbanized society, but it’s a good hands-on encounter with the food that’s put on the table.

– While in Colorado, Leanne, Austin, and myself took some time after the Summit to wander through the majestic Garden of the Gods, to visit the home of Adventures in Odyssey (Austin was just a tad-bit ecstatic), to hike around Helen Hunt Falls, and to explore the unique art shops in the tucked-away community of Manitou Springs.

– From the start of the month until the end, which found us in Colorado and North Dakota, we were excited about being reunited with old friends. Moreover, we were doubly blessed to make new ones along the way – a beautiful reminder that in Christ Jesus our “family” extends far beyond our little household.

Adventures in Odyssey934772_10152569545117394_4803263080817136023_n

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  1. Your Wife permalink
    August 7, 2014 5:45 pm

    I love all the photos this month! 🙂

  2. Marilyn C permalink
    September 10, 2014 7:21 pm

    What a good looking bunch. Thanks for letting us in on your `tribe.`

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