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May Update

June 6, 2014

After the craziness of March and April, May felt like a breath of fresh air… without the blizzards and arctic cold of the last 6 months. Here’s what transpired.1900 Fishy tail side


– Spend time working on my manuscript. Who knew that trying to write a book would be so, well, trying? But it’s slowly coming together!

– Worked on the May edition of Forcing Change, which is online in the membership section of the Forcing Change webpage. It covers the important topic of “global citizenship education” and activism for world change. If you haven’t read it and are a member, click here, log-in, and download your copy today!

– After much discussion, we dropped the price of Forcing Change to $4.50/month and restructured the billing processor to a monthly system. For the majority of member/subscribers this isn’t an issue, but some have asked why. A major part of the reason is that over the past two years the majority of memberships have been bulked into the space of four months. We’re not sure why this has happened, and while we’re grateful for four months of better income, it has created a cash flow/budgeting problem for other periods of the year. Going to a monthly billing system will, over the long run, smooth out this situation.

– Attended the virtual conference, “Back to the Future in the Metaverse.” The event took place in Second Life and examined breakthroughs in virtual realty as it related to transhumanism. The irony is this: Too many people showed up and crashed the system! That’s right, “due to technical difficulties” in the metaverse, this conference on the future of the metaverse had to quickly be re-arranged through an open YouTube channel. I’m glad the option was available, for it allowed us to hear the speakers, but it lacked the interaction available through the Second Life venue. Ah, the future… oh never mind, the server went down. Sarcasm aside, I did find the information to be of value and I was glad to attend. A nice surprise came at the end of the event when I re-entered Second Life at the conference’s initial location and was approached by an avatar with a question, “Is that you Carl?” Turns out, the other person was a Christian interested in transhumanism from a critical point of view, and had read my previous material on the movement. A very pleasant surprise!

– Had the opportunity to speak at a small church in Kenton, Manitoba. Subject: other religions and spiritual movements compared and contrasted to Christianity, and the Biblical response to our multi-faith society.

Radio shows: The Janet Mefferd Show and The Christian Outlook, which excerpted part of The Janet Mefferd interview and played it over the air in Washington DC.


– I did some metal detecting in May and was fortunate to find a number of older coins; Quarters, dimes, and small 5 cent pieces. Most dated from 1900 to the 1940s, with an American Indian Head penny from 1893.

– Much of May was focused on our daughter’s festival work. Austin performed at a highlights concert in Gladstone, Manitoba, and then competed at Provincials in the prose/poetry and singing categories. Way to go!

– Our daughter also had the opportunity to stretch in other ways. In the beginning of May she found herself participating in a Model United Nations Assembly, debating world issues and working through resolutions. What made this especially interesting was that she was mentored through the Model program by an elderly friend who’s personal history is deeply entwined with the United Nations and global governance advocacy. Needless to say, we had much to talk about before-and-after the Model UN Assembly! It was a good experience and she’s looking forward to doing it again next year.

– Our son spent all of May working on the railroad and found himself in Northern Ontario, a beautiful part of the country that’s so different from his prairie home. Railroad work is tiring and not without risks, but it’s a fantastic adventure and opportunity. In many respects, this is the summer when our son has crossed the threshold of “teenager” to becoming a man. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize, Scott! We love you!

– Scott was awarded by the 9th Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron for his long-term service. As he couldn’t attend the ceremonies due to his railroad duties, Leanne accepted the award on his behalf. It was an honor to attend and know that Scott was recognized in this capacity.

– Attended the funeral of a family friend, Mrs. Klassen. It was a bitter sweat time – For we know that if our earthly house, the tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made by hands, eternal in the heavens. Her sons, Murray and Darryl, respectively gave the eulogy and preached the sermon. Neither is an easy task, but both were handled in a way that was honoring to their mother and to Christ Jesus.

Books Read:

– Peter Jones, One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference (Main Entry Editions, 2010).

– Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire (Scholastic, 2009).

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