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Spring Update

May 6, 2014

The months of March and April were wild. For the first time since I started writing personal updates for this blog, I had to skip a month due to time constraints. So this one post combines two months of personal and professional news.


– Wrote two editions of Forcing Change magazine. The March edition focused on the Ukraine situation from an historical perspective, offering important contextual information, charts on energy flows, and a comprehensive timeline that demonstrated the complexity of the Ukraine/Russian/European interlock. If you have not read the March edition of Forcing Change, you need to. The timeline alone is worth the read, as I am unaware of another that gives such sweeping details regarding the geopolitical and diplomatic tensions that underlie this region. ImageImage

The April edition of Forcing Change returned to the question of “what does a Christian criticism of religious transhumanism look like?” During March, I worked to finish the final version of an essay which was subsequently published by the Mormon Transhumanist Association; “An Evangelical Christian Critique of Religious/Christian Transhumanism.” This modified and completed essay, which was first introduced in January as a rough draft, was released to the Forcing Change readership in April.

– Each quarter I compile and edit articles for an Indiana-based ministry and their publication, Hope For The World Update. This task filled up the front end of March.

– Lectured at the following events: Red River Bible & Prophecy Conference (Fargo, ND), Southern Manitoba Prophecy Conference (Winkler, MB), and Ball of Confusion Conference (Lafayette, IN).

– Radio shows interviewed on: Erskine Overnight, Truth Traveler, TruNews, and The Janet Mefferd Show.

Forcing Change Radio: Knowing that March and April would be full months, I made the difficult decision to cancel my own radio show, which was playing on the Worldview Weekend network. Each weekly half-hour program required 4 to 6 hours to complete: This included the research, recording, editing, summary and E-Alert write ups, and other tasks associated with the show. Now that April is over, and upon reviewing my situation, I don’t believe the time is right to re-launch the program. Hence, Forcing Change Radio is off air until further notice.

Forcing Change magazine also made the decision to revamp the online membership payment system, moving to a monthly payment program in order to smooth out cash flow hic-ups and other problematic areas.

– On April 4th the Mormon Transhumanist Association held their annual conference. Although the MTA extended an invitation to attend as an observer, I wasn’t able to go this year. However, as the event was live streamed, I set the day aside to watch as many of the proceedings as possible through the comfort of my desk chair. Alas, while streaming a conference is a convenient way to connect with a remote audience, it doesn’t equal being there in person. Nevertheless, I’m thankful I could watch as the event took place.


– Since 2002, we as a family travel each spring to Indiana in order to help with the Hamilton County Passion Play. Unfortunately, with only a few days to spare before going, we discovered that our car needed some hefty repair work. Although it was fixed on time, the set back forced us to cancel our trip… to the great disappointment of the Teichrib household.

– During the week that the car was in for repairs, the back tire and rim came off the pick-up truck at 50 mph. Talk about waking a person up! It was late at night when the little mishap took place, and as the sparks flew from our dragging rear hub, my wife, daughter and I, watched as the drum from the brake assembly raced past the cab and disappeared beyond the headlights. What happened? The lug nuts had come loose until all but one kept the rim on the hub, then it snapped and everything went flying. Thankfully we found the nuts (rattling in the hub cap) and managed to mount the tire/rim with three nuts before limping it home. We were thankful for a few things that night: 1) Our son and daughter had used the truck during the day, and it didn’t happen to them on the busy highway. 2) It happened close to home on the gravel road, so there was little chance of an accident with another vehicle. 3) The temperature that night was only -5. If it had happened any other time during the winter, with our chilly -20 to -35 average, it would have made for a much more nasty time.

– Scott, our son, received seasonal employment with a railroad company working on a track/utility crew. March and April, therefore, had us running to Winnipeg for interviews, medical exams, and training sessions. Way to go, Scott!

– Austin, our daughter, took up boxing lessons (she’s a lefty with a mean right hook). She also competed in two singing festivals, winning in the Folk Song division with a recommendation to participate at the Provincial level. Great job!

– Leanne was able to spend a week in her hometown where she had the opportunity to adjudicate a speech-arts festival. It was an exhausting yet rewarding time spent interacting with the school children, teachers and parents of the Virden, Manitoba area.

– I spent a week helping a concrete polishing contractor – ThinkConcrete – as we worked night shifts to carefully grind down a factory floor, and then polish the entire surface area into a beautiful luster. Thanks for letting me be part of your team for a week!

– During the final part of March and throughout the month of April we were able to connect with good friends from as far as British Columbia to Indiana, and others who are right here in Manitoba. We are richly blessed to have friends who, while we may not see each other for a considerable period of time, can nevertheless pick up where we left off – sometimes years and years after seeing each other last.

– April was also the month when winter decided to leave us! After months and months of brutal cold and a lot of snow, the touch of spring warmth and the start of the melt was welcomed by everyone.

– Finally, our dear friend Lisa Wiebe (picture below) – mother of four girls and wife of Randy Wiebe – lost her battle with lung cancer. I knew Lisa from grade school days, and about 5 years ago we developed a friendship with Randy, Lisa, and their daughters. Her faith in Christ Jesus, her love of family, and her commitment to God’s truth were attributes that set her apart from the crowd. She is missed by many.



Books Read:

– Walt Hartwich, The Success of Lawlessness: The Professing Church, the World, and Antinomianism (Tate Publishing, 2013).

– Richard Halliburton, Second Book of Marvels: The Orient (Bobbs-Merrill, 1938).

– Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception (Harper, 1954/2009).

– William I. Thompson, Evil and World Order (Harper, 1976).

– Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell (Harper, 1956/2009).

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