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December Update

January 3, 2014

Here’s the breakdown for what transpired during the last month of 2013.



– Every year, Forcing Change releases a major research project known as the Global Calendar of Events, a listing of social, political, economic, and religious conferences that are poised to take place in the new year – events aimed at transforming society. By publishing this extensive listing of events, you are, in a tangible way, able to put your finger on the pulse of tomorrow. But compiling this is a monumental undertaking, with serious research already starting in late October and intensifying until the end of December. At this point the calendar edition is done and sitting on the Forcing Change server. It will likely be released this weekend. You’re definitely want to check this out!

– Attended a transhumanism conference in the virtual environment of Second Life. This event was the 9th Annual Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons, organized and hosted by the Terasem Movement, a transreligion that seeks immortality through technology.

– Opened up the Forcing Change library to a Bible College student who needed to do research on occultism. As mentioned in the November Update, one aspect of our work that has – up until recently – been little known by Forcing Change readers is the assistance and mentoring services provided to college students who need to tackle assignments that are more research challenging than normal.

– Radio programs included The Janet Mefferd Show and Erskine Overnight, with the Erskine show taped for play in January. 



– December was a month of Christmas gatherings; family get-togethers, the Air Cadet annual banquet for our son, the Toastmaster’s communal meal for our local club, our church’s Youth Group annual Christmas get-together, our homeschool regional concert and gathering, and our church/community concert. Along the way it was great to re-connect with family, friends, and neighbours. And for myself, a highlight was being at my Dad’s farm and taking a little time to step on the river ice and walk up the river for about a half mile. However, I had to turn back after falling through the ice at a narrow point in the stream – immersing one leg up to the waist. Thankfully, the temps were in the -25 range and my snow pants flash froze before soaking through to the skin.

– Our son Scott was involved in a very well-done and intensive three-person, one-act community play, Not On This Night.

– Went to Winnipeg and enjoyed Bethlehem Live and the Renaissance Voices concert, Renaissance Christmas – What Sweeter Music.


Books Read:

– Steven T. Jones, The Tribes of Burning Man: How an Experimental City in the Desert is Shaping the New American Counterculture (2011).

– Rudyard Griffiths & Patrick Luciani (editors), North America’s Lost Decade? The Munk Debate on the North American Economy (2012).

– Chuck Black, Kingdom’s Hope (2006).

– Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Mortal Danger: How Misconceptions About Russia Imperil America (1980).

– Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society (2011).


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