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October Update

November 6, 2013

After the close of each month I post a few details about the previous weeks. Here’s the October Update.


– Wrapped up the October edition of Forcing Change magazine, which contains a draft selection from a new book project. Yes! I’m working on a manuscript! In the past, I’ve started and shelved book ideas for various reasons. My hope and prayer is that this attempt will bear some fruit.

The chapter included in the October issue of Forcing Change is titled “Politicizing Eco-Spirituality: The Call for Interdependence.” Here’s the E-Alert summary that was sent out,

Christianity is under intense pressure to change, to conform to this world – its ethics, values and priorities. The amount of evidence pointing to the quest for transformation is overwhelming, with the pressure-to-change coming from so many cultural, spiritual, and political movements.

One undeniable pressure point that has caused extensive priority shifts within Christendom comes via the deep green movement. Today, churches throughout the Western world embrace Earth-centric philosophies and preach a “green gospel.” This is not accidental. For decades the environmental movement has leveled charged against Christianity, and we, in turn, have succumbed to the accusations by adopting their points of reference, their philosophical positions, their language, and their political causes.

In this edition of Forcing Change magazine, you are introduced to a draft chapter of an upcoming book exposing and detailing this eco-transformation and its challenge to Christianity. Here, in this magazine edition, you’ll uncover the social and political push to accept interdependence, the underlying antagonism within the green movement toward Biblical Christianity, and the fundamental conflict between Global Humanity’s desire for inclusivity and the Biblical message of God’s exclusive design.

Furthermore, this edition carries a short but important article on the radical push-back being encountered in the climate community. It’s a telling piece.

So download your copy of Forcing Change today!

P.S. from Carl: Please consider us as a family in your prayers as I undergo this extensive writing and publishing project – first, that the time and resources to complete this task would be available. Then, that wisdom and sound thinking would be expressed in the pages, and that once done the book will challenge Christians to think about motives and responses from a Biblical position. Along the way, please pray that we find the right fit regarding a publishing solution and platform for launching this project, as all of this remains in question.

– Spoke to an adult Sunday School class in southern Manitoba. The topic: “Is God Green?” We had some great questions and comments afterwards.

– Spoke at the Minneapolis/St.Paul Worldview Weekend conference. This was a one-day event, and my topic was “Social Justice.”

– Radio shows I appeared as a guest: Uncommon Awareness and The Janet Mefferd Show.


– Our highlight as a family was our children’s involvement with the Central Manitoba Youth Choir, an audition-based group of 50 high school students from across the region. Both Scott and Austin were accepted earlier in the year, and after two long and intense rehearsal weekends, the choir embarked on a 5 day tour with 15 performances in the middle of October. Songs included hymns and classical pieces to contemporary choir arrangements, and concerts were held in churches, schools, senior homes and theatres. Leanne and I chaperoned one of the rehearsals, which started on a Friday evening and didn’t wrap up until mid-Sunday afternoon – hours and hours and hours of singing! It was a great experience for Scott and Austin, complete with new friends, new challenges, and many fond memories.

– Our daughter started taking Driver’s Education classes and received her learners permit. Congratulations!

– Scott, now a senior at Air Cadets – the Canadian Air Force program for youth – had to teach some classes on different aspects of aviation, including World War I and II aircraft history. It was a good challenge.

– Our Toastmasters club hosted an area humourous speech contest. Hence, I had the opportunity to chair the event and listen to some enjoyable talks!

Books Read:

– Thomas Cahill, How The Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe (Knopf Doubleday, 1996).

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