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September Edition of Forcing Change – Release Note

October 4, 2013

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,

I have to admit the surprising response invoked by the August edition of Forcing Change, which tackled “transformational festivals” and evolutionary culture. People from around the world sent emails, Facebook notes, and I fielded calls and had some great conversations. Forcing Change, it turns out, had hit on a groundbreaking subject, becoming the first publication from the Christian research community – as far as I’m aware – to pull the broader pieces together, demonstrating an international and intentional movement of culturally-charged evolutionary spirituality.

Now, drawing from personal experiences bumping into emergent culture on a recent road trip, this latest edition of Forcing Change includes some new thoughts on the subject. Also presented is information on two other festivals: Wickerman and Universal Religion. As stated in Forcing Change,

…today we have a new generation, well distanced from Biblical values, that yearns for a spiritual and social revolution. Transformational festivals, representing the spirit of change, re-packages the New Age for this context; evolutionary spirituality, organic community, visionary art, ecstatic encounters, radical inclusiveness, experiential group dynamics – all speak to the desired reality shift. In short, the rising phenomena of transformational festivals represents the cutting edge of the ‘new’ New Age.

Going beyond the subject of transformational events, this issues also looks into education as a means of social restructuring. Two articles are presented that cover the topic, including an important examination of the The Lightning Thief, and a review of educational history from a global context.  

Finally, wrapping up this smorgasbord of articles and information is the complete reprint of an official United State document, released this summer, admitting to a global agenda of alternative sexuality. It’s an eye-opening text.

If you’re a member of Forcing Change, log-on and download the latest edition today! If you’re not a member, join now and gain access to all 7-years of back issues, and the complete audio archive of Forcing Change Radio!


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  1. October 5, 2013 8:47 am

    It is worthy work you are doing, brother Carl. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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