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September Update: The Rocky Mountains and my first “Zipper Cut”

October 3, 2013

MountainsSeptember must have only been two weeks long, because it came to an end so quickly! Anyway, here’s some of what transpired during the month.


– Gave a presentation at the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference on the environmental movement, it’s history and worldview, along with comparisons and contrasts to the Biblical framework. The title of my talk was: “Is God Green?” I also volunteered to MC part of the three-day gathering. The Winnipeg Prophecy Conference is an annual event bringing together Bible teachers, authors, apologists, Creationists, and commentators on world affairs. For me, what makes this an extra special event are the many friends that attend – often times people I only have a chance of seeing once a year.

– Finished the September edition of Forcing Change (although it didn’t get posted until October 1). This issue highlights a recent road trip (see below) and how I inadvertently bumped into elements of Evolutionary Culture along the way; transformational festivals and New Age-emergent spirituality. These encounters were not earth-shattering by any stretch, but each one reinforced the fact that our Western society is in the process of shifting.

– Recorded a number of broadcasts of Forcing Change Radio, and talked to a few people about coming on as guests in the late fall or early winter. If you’re a member, you can listen to the program archives by logging on at Forcing Change.

– Throughout September I was contacted by Forcing Change readers from around the world. These many emails and Facebook messages, and the conversations over the phone and in-person from people across North America, were a great encouragement regarding the work I did on transformational festivals. Little did I know what kind of a response this issue would raise. As it turns out, the August edition of Forcing Change may very well be the first time a publication from the Christian research community has cracked open this global phenomena – demonstrating a new international social/spiritual trend. Of course, it’s not “new,” as it’s been around for some time and has roots in ancient pagan contexts, but it is “new” in that it has become a cultural change agent for our time. As mentioned in the September edition of Forcing Change, it’s the “new” New Age.


– A huge highlight for September was the time spent with friends; at the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference, having a wiener roast in the bush (never mind the gnat swarm – they don’t bite), enjoying communal dinners, and going on a road trip. We were especially blessed to have friends from Indiana who drove the distance to spend three weeks with us; the only downside was that our friend Andy developed a severe case of shingles – not fun.

– Went on a fast road trip across Western Canada with our friends from Indiana. We traversed southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, and visited Banff, Yoho National Park, and Jasper. We even made a quick run to Valemount, BC and passed by Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the entire Rocky Mountain chain. Returning home, we went through Edmonton and then over to north-central Saskatchewan – including the city of Prince Albert – before stopping at Nipawin Bible College to surprise some friends. From Nipawin, SK, we toured the Carrot River country and dropped into Manitoba on the north side of the Porcupine Hills… then home! Majestic mountains, thundering waterfalls, sweeping prairie landscapes, vast forests, sleepy villages and bustling cities, good food and great conversations; All the ingredients of a fantastic road trip. Only three downfalls: 1) Andy’s shingles were driving him nuts, although he held himself together admirably. 2) A week is not enough time to properly see such a massive swath of country. 3) On the return leg we had a tire blow-out 300 miles from home.

– Besides the road trip blow-out, we had three flat tires in three weeks. Our home is located in a rural part of the province, and most of the roads are dirt and gravel, which chew through tires quickly. Added to this is the fact that we live about a mile away from the municipal garbage dump. So, our local roads are laced with old nails, screws, and other assorted objects that are irresistibly attracted to rubber. I love living in the sticks, but annually changing tire sets and routinely dealing with leaks and flats… gets old.

– Our two children, Scott and Austin, attended their first rehearsal of the Central Manitoba Youth Choir. Getting prepped for the tour!

– Scott went gliding with his Air Cadet squadron… nothing but smiles!

– Spent an afternoon metal detecting with Scott. Didn’t find anything substantial, but nevertheless enjoyed the day. He found a dollar plus in change, and I discovered the missing piece of a silver angel that I partially uncovered in August.

– Austin, our teenage daughter, has expressed interest in a number of career choices; Lawyer, judge, Prime Minister of Canada, psychologist, chicken farmer… and why not? At 15, the world is wide open with opportunities and options. So in early September she pitched the idea of hairdresser.

“If this is something that interests you,” I explained, “you need to try your hand at cutting a head of hair.” And yes, my mop was long overdue for a trim… so I volunteered my head.

Despite the first “cut” being a sharp but bloodless stab to the neck, she did an ok job. Leanne, my wife, provided “damage control” towards the end of the “hair appointment,” and before bed I found myself in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors… but there wasn’t any blood! And my hair was shorter, in some places much shorter – forming an alternating crisscross pattern across the top of my head. So in September I fashionably sported an artistic looking, “zipper-style,” hairdo.

Books Read:

Although I read somewhat, I didn’t have the opportunity to finish any of the books I’m working on. Maybe in October I’ll find the time… waiting for my hair to grow back.

Hair cut

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