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Celebrations for Transformation Release Note

September 11, 2013

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,Image

The opening to the most recent edition of Forcing Change reads thus: “This is an extremely important essay, outlining a massive and expansive trend that seeks to birth a new world of emergent spirituality and evolutionary change.”

Consider the numbers… 68,000, 180,000, 25,000, 7,000, 380,000.

Now, before I tell you what these numbers represent, I want to draw your attention to some Forcing Change milestones – markers that have set us apart from the majority of the online commentary that comes from the Christian community.

Think about just the first year of Forcing Change magazine (which is available in the archives),

– We exposed the roots of Earth Day and the UN Environment Sabbath in a way that hadn’t been tackled before, digging into the actual documents and source materials, thereby giving you a firm understanding of the Green movement.

– You read about the FIM 2002 Global Governance conference in Montreal and the internationalist push that emerged from this meeting, and you read about the 2006 UN World Urban Forum and its designs for global governance. How did these groundbreaking reports on two global events come to light? I was embedded in both gatherings.

– We explored the role of the Bahai faith as a religious motivator for global political unity. Why? Because in the past, so many international events I have participated in had a significant Bahai presence – calling for world government and the bringing together of all religions into a globally accepted faith system. Forcing Change pulled this together in way not done before from a Christian perspective.

Forcing Change magazine told you about the deeper meaning of the interfaith movement, based on data pulled from important interfaith planning sessions and events I attended. 

– And I published the essay, “One World, One Money,” a report whose documentation was so significant that India’s ICFAI University Press republished the article in their anthology, A Single Global Currency: Perspectives and Challenges. Thus, my critical essay appeared alongside pro-single global currency reports from the Council of Foreign Relations and the Single Global Currency Association.

Over the years Forcing Change have critically tackled topics no one else has from the Christian research community: The G8/G20 World Religions Summit, the International Congress of the World Federalist Movement, and the Mormon connection to Transhumanism. And more recently we brought you a sweeping first-hand report from the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York City. Many other Forcing Change milestones exist since we began publishing in 2007, representing a level of research that is academically high yet still approachable. In two word, Forcing Change is “cutting edge.” 

Why am I telling you this? Two reasons.

First: There are a lot people reading this post who are not member-subscribers to Forcing Change, and you’re missing out on vital reports and articles; topics you will read no where else, or covered like no one else. Moreover, Forcing Change needs you – we operate on a shoe string budget, and there are so many events and topics that could be tackled by Forcing Change, but frankly, our membership level doesn’t even cover basic operating costs. We could do more with your support, as we support you by providing knowledge and information found no-where else.

Second: This newest edition of Forcing Change is another milestone! In this issue, I introduce you to a topic that hasn’t been touched-on quite like this – a burgeoning movement that is shaping culture now, and will radically re-fashion it in the future. Furthermore, this movement is global in scope, and not confined to a single country. It will, and is already, challenging the Christian worldview as it sees itself being a viable spiritual alternative to the “staleness” of “religion,” and as it seeks to create an “ancient-future” reality that transcends faiths, cultures, and lifestyles.

So here are some of the numbers: 135,000, 1,500, 24,000… these figures, and the ones above, are attendance numbers for “transformational festivals,” massive celebratory events specifically designed to create an alternative reality and spiritual/social evolution. That’s right, temporary “cities” are forming around the idea of an emergent and experiential “future world.” These festivals are noted for their radical tolerance and inclusiveness, except when it comes to Biblical truth claims and traditional cultural norms – sorry, we’re building a new world, and you need to drop your antiquated notions.

These events have been, for the most part, completely missed by the Christian community. The only exception is Burning Man, but even here, researchers have overlooked the global phenomena that Burning Man is but one part of. Forcing Change, however, pulls this all together in one place. We have done something unique in the Christian research community; We have bridged the multiple transformational festivals and have peeled back the layers to reveal the core of the transformational movement.

Don’t ignore this development. It is the cutting edge of our post-modern society.

Go to and download the August edition of Forcing Change today.

P.S. If you’re not a member, join today and access the wealth of data that’s provided for you – all at your fingertips.

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  1. September 17, 2013 7:38 am

    I have just listened to the programs so far on the transformational festivals. I am struck by the similarities between these and the Jesus Culture style ‘worship’ conferences (e.g. out of the Bethel Church cult in Redding, California:

    and also IHOP-Kansas City style 24/7 prayer events:

    These events also have trance-inducing repetitive music, lights and special effects, “prophetic dance” and theater, teachings, spiritual experiences/manifestations which are eerily the same as those that pagan festival attendees describe. There has already been a lot of excellent, bible-based commentary on the pagan roots of the teachings of the signs and wonders and emergent church movements so I so won’t go into it here. Still, it is fascinating and a little bit horrifying to see it all merging together.

    The emergent ‘church’ has a festival called the ‘Wild Goose’ which is moving to be more in line with Burning Man than it is with the Biblical Worldview Conference:

    As you can imagine, these groups are all being completely desensitized to the new spirituality, yet believe they are saved Christians.

    I cannot tell you how identical the language is in these movements (emergent, charismatic) to the transformational festivals (ie. new age, Hindu, Buddhist beliefs and vocabulary). The emergent and charismatic religions preach the same oneness, experience-based spiritual unity/community which completely rejects biblical Christianity.

    Wow, it really is so bizarre to see it coming together. I realize how much the Lord protected me when I was in the rave culture. I also know the intense appeal. People are so, so lost, and they crave community, acceptance and a sense of meaning. This is dangerous stuff.

    If you have had any moments of doubt as to the value of your research and allocation of program time to the topic of transformational festivals…don’t. You have exposed yet another core connection building the bridge between false Christianity and the new global religion. These festivals are role-modelling what society will look like in the near future, and in fact what it is becoming before our very eyes.

    Keep sending out these well-researched, highly important wake up calls!!! May the Lord bless you for your efforts to inform and warn the Body of Christ. Thanks, Sherryn

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