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Examining Masonic Perfection – Release Note: July edition of Forcing Change Magazine

July 31, 2013

Image“The Scottish Rite teaches its members how to spell ‘God’ with the right blocks. That truly is the great relevance of Scottish Rite Masonry in the modern world. We teach our initiates there are available for the mind of man vast spiritual forces, vital spiritual powers.” – Henry C. Clausen.

“Step by step men must advance toward Perfection; and each Masonic Degree is meant to be one of those steps” – Albert Pike.

Last year I penned an issue of Forcing Change on the subject of Freemasonry. It was the September 2012 edition, and was titled “Examining Freemasonry, Part 1.” Now, I’ve taken the time to tackle a little discussed aspect of the Lodge – the goal of “perfection” – in Part 2 of this Forcing Change series.

Christian critics of Freemasonry have rightfully dealt with the Lodge’s connection to religious universalism and mysticism, something that I too broached in the September edition, but I haven’t seen much in the way of detailing an overview regarding the idea of Masonic perfection. Thus, this 18-page copy of Forcing Change may provide some valuable insights that are often overlooked as we contemplate the meaning and purpose of the Craft – examining perfection in the rituals and symbols, and then letting Masonic historians and philosophers expound on the topic. In all of this, a Biblical contrast is established, giving you a framework upon which to discern the intent of Freemasonry.

But why write about the Lodge in the first place? Because in the Western world, Freemasonry has left its mark in practically every community, upon millions of families and in multitudes of churches, and its fingerprints are found throughout the modern history of mysticism and alternative spiritual thought. In other words, it has made a significant impact – one that cannot be ignored.

Download the July edition of Forcing Change and examine the purpose of perfection in the Lodge – through a Biblical worldview. 

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  1. Dorothy Margraf permalink
    August 4, 2013 1:34 am

    I just did a research piece which included some information on the Masons.  Would you like a copy?  I can’t afford your information and no one pays me for mine.  So I get from you what you are willing to share with we in the penny pinching crowd, for which I thank you.  I’m not just sending this piece I did to everyone on Facebook or on my mailing list.  I want to see who really cares about the information enough to reply Send.


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