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Broadcasting the Transhuman

July 22, 2013

The third broadcast of Forcing Change Radio is now up!Image

This edition follows through from last week’s program, but tackling the subject from an important historical perspective. If you recall, last week’s show highlighted my attendance at the Global Future 2045 International Congress – a critically important transhuman event (by the way, broadcast 2 is still on the Forcing Change front page). Now, in this week’s broadcast, I introduce you to some of the important philosophical and social thinkers of the last 200 years, demonstrating that modern transhumanism is rooted in far deeper soil than current technological developments. In this broadcast, you’ll start to connect the dots between Jesuit mystic Teilhard de Chardin and Julian Huxley, the worldview of Saint Simon and August Comte, and the esoteric perspective of Freemasonry and Theosophy.

Remember, each edition of Forcing Change Radio is up for 14 days only, and then it’s tucked into the Forcing Change archive – only accessible to Forcing Change members. Right now, however, the 3rd broadcast can be listened to by going to the Forcing Change homepage and clicking the “Listen Now” button on the right side.

If you’re not a member, please consider joining today. Many subscription packages are available, and you can use a variety of payment formats to purchase this important service, including secure online credit card processing, PayPal, and even a printable form to use if you desire to send a personal check.

So go to and listen to broadcast 3 of Forcing Change Radio! And don’t forget to sign-up as a Forcing Change member today!

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