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Forcing Change Radio Announcement

July 9, 2013

We’re excited!Image

Yesterday, Forcing Change Radio – hosted through the Worldview Weekend Radio network – became operational! That’s right, we’re broadcasting a weekly radio show, documenting and detailing the challenges of our times, where this intersects and collides with the Biblical worldview, and how and why the Western World is undergoing a fundamental shift in thinking. The purpose? To educate, to expand your knowledge, and to better equip you as “salt and light” in your community – and wherever you may find yourself in this rapidly changing world.

Forcing Change Radio will supplement the monthly Forcing Change journal, but it will do more. FC Radio will work to incorporate the voices of others, and I’m especially excited about this aspect; to give a platform to personal stories and eye-witnesses who have not been given the opportunity to voice their experiences or knowledge. We’ll also bring on noted experts, play select audio clips, and of course, as the host of the show, share my research work and connect the dots along the way. It’s going to be a very interesting journey!

So where can you hear Forcing Change Radio? At this point it’s available on two web platforms:

1) Forcing Change, 2) Worldview Weekend Radio.

But here’s the deal. On both web locations, radio shows will only be publicly available for 14 days. After that time, the show will be archived in the “Member’s Only” area of Worldview Weekendand Forcing Change. So if you’re a member of Forcing Change, having access to all the journal back issues and special reports, you’ll continue to enjoy each broadcast as they rotate off the public front page and into the back section of the website.

But for now, jump over to Forcing Change and, on the right side column, you’ll see the “Listen Now” button and a brief description. Click the button, and the show will upload as an MP3. Note: It may take a minute or three to start playing the file, depending on your connection speed.

At the same time, please consider becoming a member of Forcing Change if you’re not already. Your partnership enables two things to happen:

1) It gives you complete access to all journal back issues, special reports, and audio files; including each FC Radio broadcast as they become available.

2) Your partnership helps to fund the ongoing research expenses and web platform costs that are incurred – the very real costs to keep the website running, to procure important research materials, and to pay for the time necessary to keep Forcing Change going.

So go to Forcing Change today and check out the inaugural edition of Forcing Change Radio!

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  1. jan permalink
    July 15, 2013 9:38 pm

    loved your presentation of Babel on WV weekend!!! will re-listen – so good!

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