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June Update

July 2, 2013

Here’s the breakdown of what transpired in my little world during the fabulous summer-month of June, including a day of just hanging around…



– Worked with my webmaster, Linda Burke, on revamping the member-section of Forcing Change. It’s now a far tighter, far more efficient, and more accessible website: All 7 plus years of back issues are now easily available to Forcing Change members. If you’re a member, check it out! If you’re not a member, you’re missing a very important educational resource.

– Published the May edition of Forcing Change, which highlighted major issues of social transformation, and I wrapped up the bulk of the June edition too… a report on the Global Future 2045 International Congress (see the video below).

– Engaged in research work for the documentary, Human Weeds, which is being produced by Magnum Veritas Productions. Note: Magnum Veritas has put together an “MVP Member” package, allowing you to purchase a pass for a very reasonable amount, thereby granting you a sneak-peek as edited videos are uploaded and interviews become available. This is a PBS-affiliated project, and if accepted and aired, it will be a powerful tool in the conversation about the value of life.

– Finished doing the front-end editorial work for the Summer 2013 edition of Hope For The World Update, the quarterly newsletter of Christian author, Gary Kah.

– Spoke at the Riding Mountain Churchman’s Camp. This was certainly a highlight as my son, who turned 18 during the event, hung with his old Dad and a group of strangers. And it was good! Lot’s of great talks, singing, and challenging conversations.

– Radio shows I participated in: Uncommon Awareness with Dr. Lorraine Hurley, and Remnant X Radio with Robert Worley and host Jeremy Bowling. As Jeremy said regarding our conversation; “I’m speechless… this is one of the most important shows we’ve ever done.”

– Went to Washington DC, Bethesda MD, and Cincinnati OH to help on a longer term project. It was enjoyable as I had the opportunity to use my work in different ways and to meet new people. The picture is of one of the media crew and myself cutting it up in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

In Washington

– June 15-16, I attended the Global Future 2045 International Congress in New York City. This was an international meeting of leading transhuman thinkers, innovators, philanthropists, scientists, and spiritual figures. Find below the GF2045 trailer, then log on to Forcing Change and download the 21 page report I just finished on this particular event.



Personally 972139_10151458108917073_1462024931_n

– After the Riding Mountain Churchman’s Camp was over, my son Scott and I went to the abandoned Agassiz Mountain ski hill to do some metal detecting and explore the old downhill runs. This was where I learned to ski, and being there again brought back a flood of memories – unfortunately, I don’t think Agassiz will ever again hear the sounds of school children laughing, the cajoling in the lift line, or the distinctive swish of skis carving the snow pack. So sad… but we had a good time hiking up the hill, found some springs bubbling up from the ground (providing a refreshing drink), and enjoyed the incredible view.

– Two nieces graduated! Congrats to Nicole and Lauren! Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, and move forward with the knowledge that your family loves you.

– My daughter and I were home for the day, and heard that a tornado watch was in effect for our area. So… we got in the pick-up truck and chased storms for part of the afternoon. While we never saw one, we did take a couple of cool pictures. One is of a swallow sitting on the mirror of my truck while Austin watches, and the other is a rain-hail burst that’s about to hit our neighbour’s yard.



– During the same afternoon Austin and I were chasing storms, Scott and Leanne found themselves on the road during a wicked hail burst driven by a powerful wind shear. So the front half of our car is full of little dimples… all over the hood, both front fenders, and the leading edge of the roof top.

– Spent a fantastic evening with musician, songwriter and author, Dwayna Litz, in New York City. Check out her work Thanks for the great supper and wonderful conversation, Dwayna!

– I was in Indianapolis for a brief time before catching a plane back to Manitoba, and it was nice to reconnect with life-long friends and our American “church family.”

– A couple of fantastic friends took me to the first installment of Symphony on the Prairie, a long time summer tradition in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis; Great food and fellowship, a lazy summer sunset, and the sounds of Rossini, Beethoven, Weber, and Rimsky-Korsakov.

– While in Indiana, I watched the live feed of Nik Wallenda as he tight-roped across the Grand Canyon. What made this extra special was that I was with a personal friend of the Wallenda family, and when Nik made it over, there was an audible sigh of relief. Here’s the full walk over the canyon.


Books Read

I read through two books in June.

1. George M. Young, The Russian Cosmists: The Esoteric Futurism of Nikolai Fedorov and His Followers (Oxford University Press, 2012).

2. Dwayna Litz, America Come Home: A Journey Back to the Foundation of America and the God of Her Glory Days (Lighting the Way Worldwide Books, 2012).





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  1. July 2, 2013 10:15 pm

    Your month was definitely a lot more exciting than mine! I visited Peoria twice, Decatur twice, and Mount Vernon — the Illinois one, not the George Washington one.

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