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Forcing Change Release Note: Changes and New Edition

June 6, 2013

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,May 2013 FC Picture

Before I tell you about the latest edition of Forcing Change, let me inform you about some changes: The Forcing Change membership section of the website is getting an upgrade! And once the majority of changes are complete, you’ll receive an E-Alert announcement with more information.

[NOTE: If you’re not getting our FREE E-Alert notices in your email in-box, go to the public page of Forcing Change and, on the right column, you’ll see an email sign up field. Add your contact details and you’ll receive monthly notices of new Forcing Change issues and other timely information.]

Let me just say this: Besides cleaning up the public front page, a task not yet finished, two main things are happening on the Membership side.

First: The entire Membership section is being completely integrated to make navigation easier, allowing all Forcing Change magazine issues and special reports to be accessible in an easy-to-use format, including pictures accompanying each download – and no more “double password” entries! The same goes for the audio files and other features, and these changes will be phased in within the next few days and weeks as we continue to integrate each aspect of the site.

Second: You’ll notice an “FC Radio” link in the Membership area. This is still under construction, and an announcement will happen later in the summer as “Forcing Change Radio” becomes a reality – that’s right, each week I will be hosting an edition of Forcing Change Radio, which will be network-broadcast and publicly available for a short time before being permanently placed within the Forcing Change Membership area. And of course, when the first broadcast goes on the air, you’ll be notified through an E-Alert. Stay tuned!

Finally, on the public page – and soon to be incorporated in the Membership area – is a side bar titled “Follow Us On,” accompanied by a series of icons linking you to different social networking sites, blogs, and other locations where Forcing Change has a digital footprint. Next week you’ll be receiving an E-Alert telling more about each “Follow Us On” link, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LibraryThing, the FC WordPress blog and more! But check it out now, and take the time to “Like” and “Follow Us” on these different sites.

Now, on to the latest edition of Forcing Change magazine.

The newest issue of FC is a smorgasbord of articles and features on important foundational changes taking place today. Guest authors write on the role of politically correct “tolerance” as a means to transform society, on the importance of traditional families as a counter-point to “big government,” how technocracy, scientism and transhumanism are linked, and I introduce a revised article on the City of Man – with some incredible graphics demonstrating the magnitude of the idea.

Downloading the latest edition is simple in the new site:

First: Log-in to the Membership area of Forcing Change with your password.

Second: You will be greeted with a new Membership page, complete with a “Thank You” note and a list of up-coming speaking engagements. Then, on the left margin you’ll see a link that says “FC Magazine.” Click it, and you’ll immediately be in the new FC Magazine page where the latest edition is available for download, along with six years of back issues, each with a picture of the front cover for easy identification.

Third: Simply hover your mouse over the picture of the issue you want… and either right-click to “Save As,” or direct click on the image and an online PDF reader will open with the desired publication, complete with buttons for zooming, printing, and downloading.

Thank you for your patience with us as we strive to bring you a better resource and educational experience, and for your ongoing support of Forcing Change.

Carl Teichrib; Editor, Forcing Change


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  1. Debbie Fykes permalink
    June 12, 2013 8:00 pm

    Carl, I just started following you on Twitter after reading you was there. Been following on Facebook for a while and grateful for all your doing to share the truth. I heard you the first time on Brannon’s Worldview Weekend. I must admit it was a lot to take in. To be honest overwhelming at times. Finding out how certain things in politics and “religion” is being deliberately done not for our good is frightening and mind-blowing at the same time. So thank you for the information you provide as hard as it is to take sometimes. I’m very excited about your new radio program, do you have a date yet? Please provide a link on Facebook so we can all share it. I’ll sign up for your emails too so I don’t miss anything.

    • June 12, 2013 10:27 pm

      Debbie, thanks for your note! And I completely understand the feeling of being overwhelmed… the material can be heavy, and the challenges of our society’s worldview shift can be daunting.

      Re: the radio show. At this point I’m looking at the end of June for the first show to come online. And I will certainly notify our network via Facebook and Forcing Change E-Alerts (

  2. July 3, 2013 7:39 am

    Forcing Change Release Note: Changes and New Edition | Forcing Change

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