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March Update

April 18, 2013

Yes, I know it’s mid-April, but the last six weeks have been too busy to do much on my blog. So here’s the March update!


– The February issue of Forcing Change wasn’t released until early March, but it was an important edition, focusing on a personal study of Genesis chapter 1 and how our perspective of Genesis determines so much of our worldview.

– Spoke three times at the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Fargo, North Dakota. The titles of my talks were: 1) Playing God: Laying the Foundation for the Permanent Revolution, 2) Is God Green? Bowing to Creation, 3) From Babel to Babel: The Utopian Dream.

– Finished the rough edits for Gary Kah’s quarterly newsletter, Hope For The World Update.


– Gave a twenty minute speech to the Neepawa Rotary gathering on behalf of the Yellowhead Trail Toastmasters Club. Afterward, I was interviewed for the local cable access channel about the Toastmasters program.

– Our friend Raymond Dyck, who works for Husky energy, needed to give a presentation to a school group on ethanol production… so, our children and some other friends who are home schooled were used as guinea pigs. Raymond came to our house and went through his presentation, allowing us to bounce questions and comments, and this better enabled him to gauge his talk and modify his speech to accommodate a larger public school audience.

– Volunteered as a spot light operator for the Hamilton County (Indiana) passion play, “Behold the Lamb.” This production plays to an audience of about 1000 per performance, and there are seven showings in total. What I appreciate is the solid gospel call that rings clearly, both in the play itself and in the intermission – a twenty minute period between stage sets where Pastor Don Jennings lays out the case for Jesus Christ alone. My wife, Leanne, and our two children all participate in different areas of the production.

– While in Indiana we spent many hours visiting with close friends – our “American family” – and renewing acquaintances. This time together will definitely be a highlight for the year.59694_10151379667247073_1832639523_n

– Did a tour of the Brickyard 500 race facility, spent time at the Indiana War Museum and War Memorial, enjoyed a day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and spent an afternoon in the State Capital where we touched base with friends who work in the building and with the administration.

Books Read

– Frank Crane, War and World Government (New York Globe, 1915).

– George F. Wilkin, Control in Evolution: A Discussion of the Foundational Principles of Social Order and Progress (A.C. Armstrong and Son, 1903).

– frank Karsten and Karel Beckman, Beyond Democracy (CreateSpace, 2012).

– Nigel Graddon, Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Holy Grail (Adventures Unlimited, 2008).

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