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Forcing Change Release Note: Genesis and the Foundation of a Worldview

March 13, 2013

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,Image

“They weren’t human beings, they only count as animals…”

   The above statement comes from an interesting source; the secret recordings of Nazi Generals held in a British World War II prison. These “tapped conversations,” done by planting hidden listening devices and making gramophone recordings, are very revealing on many important fronts – including the division in the German rank over Nazism (not all were supporters), their views of Adolf Hitler, their knowledge or ignorance about extermination camps, and some of the dilemmas faced on the battle field.

   One conversation that struck me was between General Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma, who was considered by British Intelligence to be “violently anti-Nazi,” and General Heinrich Eberbach, who initially supported the Nazis during its early years, then became disillusioned, believing Hitler’s regime was a “criminal body.” The brunt of one of their private talks was about General Thoma’s experiences on the Eastern Front, and particularly, the conduct of a small group of German officers who made themselves “at home” in a Russian peasant’s house.

   “I can’t stand the sight of these peasants’ faces,” exclaimed one officer while sitting at the peasant’s table. On-the-spot, he drew his pistol and shot the father dead. The wife, screaming in panic, ran to a corner of the room with her three young children, including a two-month-old. “I want my peace; clear them out…” came the command from the Oberleutnant, and in-turn, each member of the family – including the baby – was murdered. 

   When the report of this incident reached Thoma’s ears, he had the men arrested and put on trail. When asked during the hearing why they had killed the peasant family, the officers responded;

“They weren’t human beings, they only count as animals; nothing at all can happen to us… the Fuhrer says they are not human beings, we do not admit the fact that we can be charged with murder, for they are not humans.”   

   General Thoma didn’t buy their argument and demanded the death penalty. Moreover, he wanted the men publicly shot by their own troops. A Nazi Judge Advocate interfered and explained that these men could not be executed without the Fuhrer’s consent. So a petition was forwarded to Adolf Hitler, and one week later Thoma received a reply from headquarters; “…the Russians are not human beings.”

   No penalty was imposed.

   Why am I telling you this?

   A person’s worldview – how one thinks of God, man, and nature – will shape how a person acts. Adolf Hitler’s worldview was shaped in large part by a Darwinian-racial perspective that placed Jews and Slavs into a sub-human category. To Hitler, they were simply not human. Added to this was Hitler’s god-like standing in German society. He was the “savior,” or as historian Robert Waite puts it, “the psychopathic god.” For those who accepted Hitler’s worldview, the act of butchering a Russian family wasn’t something to lose sleep over.

   Obviously, the Nazi worldview was in opposition to the Biblical standard, particularly the Genesis perspective – which gives the basis for the Ten Commandments and the foundation for Jesus’ command,

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind… You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

   Genesis and “all the Law and the Prophets” were of no value to the Nazis. In fact, Nazi sympathizers and collaborators went out of their way to denounce the Old Testament – and with it, Man’s value as a special creation was disregarded.

   In the latest edition of Forcing Change, we examine the importance of a Biblical worldview, focussing on the vitality of Genesis chapter 1. The first essay, written by myself, is actually a collection of thoughts that were penned as I wrestled with some of the core teachings of Genesis. While Darwinian evolution is not the main thrust of this essay, it is explored in one section, as is the erronous view that nature is above humanity.

   Two other articles are of interest. One is a piece written by a guest author on the “greening” of the Nazi movement. Don’t miss this important article! And lastly, fitting into the first essay on Genesis is a short piece comparing the “First Adam” and the “Last Adam.”

   Download your copy of Forcing Change today: The Genesis of a Worldview.

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  1. March 15, 2013 10:32 am

    A Chilling Realization of the direction the United States may be heading… Thanks Carl, we as the Church must be ready for possible persecution!

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