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February Update

March 9, 2013

Here are a few of the highlights from February.


– Both my children competed in our local Speech Arts festival, one of the longest running festivals of its type in the province. And they both did well! Good enough, in fact, to move on to the provincial level, which is slated for later in the spring and will be held in Winnipeg. Way to go! 

– Managed to go skiing with my daughter, along with some home school friends, for one day. I hadn’t skied for a long time, and had almost forgotten how enjoyable it was. And the hill wasn’t busy, so it was “life up,” make the run, and do it all again without any lineups – the only stop was for a twenty minute lunch break. Otherwise, ski, ski, ski.

– My son was interviewed for a summer scholarship program with Air Cadets. The prep work for the review process was heavy, but if he’s accepted, it will give him a shot at obtaining his glider license. Just waiting to hear, one way or another, what his summer will entail. 

– Spent time visiting family and good friends, which is always fun… and challenging. We are very blessed to have good people around us, who can enjoy a laugh, and yet willing to dive into deeper waters – to talk about faith in Jesus Christ and serious matters of life and living.

– Took an afternoon and did a “treasure talk” to a Hutterite elementary school class. It was a blast! I brought rock and mineral specimens, metal detectors, and other “treasure” items. The youth asked more questions than I could answer, and were enthralled with the display. The real treasure, of course, was the smile on their faces!





– Worked to finish the January edition of Forcing Change, which focused on Agenda 21. I also worked on the February edition, which was posted in early March. This latest issue is different: The main article is based on a series of notes I did while wrestling through thematic issues in Genesis chapter 1. If you’re a member, go to and download your copy!

– Radio shows I participated in as a guest; Worldview Weekend Radio, VFTB, TruNews, and Fairdinkim Radio out of Australia.   

– Worked on arranging the Spring edition of Gary Kah’s Hope For The World Update, and I’m still pulling together items for this issues.

Books Read:

Only one book was finished in February: Jacques Ellul, The Meaning of the City (Wipf and Stock, 1970/2003). Although it was short, 209 pages, it was a slow read – not because the content was boring, but because Ellul offered insights and ideas that caused me to pause and think.

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  1. March 10, 2013 8:13 pm

    Thank you for sharing your life with us Carl…congrats to your Son! Your children are truly blessed to have Godly parents.. Your day of skiing brought back memories…back in the day when I use to sky LOL… Looking forward to your radio programs and article on Agenda 21. Blessings to you and your family Carl.

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