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January Update

February 2, 2013

Enjoying a stop along the river by my Dad’s farm. This was just before Christmas.

As I’m hot into a major writing project, my blog postings have been… minimal. Nevertheless, here are a few highlights from January.


– My month was taken up with a large manuscript project, primarily working through the Biblical worldview as presented in Genesis 1 and 2.

– Pulled together the January issue of Forcing Change, then changed it at the last minute; to be released in the next couple of days.


– My daughter went to Nicaragua on a missions work project with a group from our community. As the original group was comprised of adults with the exception of one teenage girl, my daughter was asked if she would like to come along as a travel companion for her friend. Of course! It was an experience that will stick with her as long as she lives.

– My son passed his Air Cadets scholarship flight test, which was a highlight. Now if he can pass the interview stage in a few weeks time, he’ll have a shot at attending the summer flight school program sponsored by the Canadian Air Force.

– January was a month of funerals: Kim Hofer, 41; Allan Merko, 51; Allan Fehr, 61; and Walter Kreutzer, 85. All were believers.

Books Read:

A lot of books were perused and consulted, but only one read entirely; Jacques Ellul, The New Demons (The Seabury Press, 1975). From the flyleaf: “Today’s secularized adult has supposedly ‘come of age,’ no longer interested in religion, he places his allegiance in science. Yet, Ellul argues, how can we fail to observe the endless multiplication of religious structures and behavior, collective and individual? In this important book, he assays the strange contradiction in today’s world between the move toward science and rationality on the one hand, and the flight toward what he calls the ‘new sacrality’ and irrationalism on the other.”

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