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Forcing Change December Release Note – Global Events, 2013

December 29, 2012

Dear Friends of Forcing Change
December 2012 FC Picture
Another year is upon us, and like 2012, this new year is shaping up to be a time of incredible activity in the push for global unity.

To help you understand what’s on the immediate horizon, and to get a sense of what’s important to the international community, I have compiled an in-depth 2013 Global Calendar of Events. This calendar is a listing of 36 world meetings, forums, and conferences meant to spur-on the development of a global community – economically, politically, socially, religiously, and in other ways.

Each listing contains the name of the event, the date and location. Furthermore, all of the entries have a brief description telling you a little about the scope and nature of the gathering. Some listings also include the sponsors, those who will be speaking, and how the event plays into other agendas and programs. While many more events could be listed (I realize now I forgot to include the Transhumanism and Spirituality conference in April – an event I’ve been invited to speak at as a Christian critic of the movement), these 36 listings will, nevertheless, provide you with an important window into tomorrow. 

Note too how diverse the meetings, locations, and contexts are: From Lucknow, India to Chicago IL, from Astana, Kazakhstan to Toronto, Ontario, from the halls of political power to university campuses. It is evident that the drive for a new international order spans nation-states, cultures, and venues.

Rounding off this 18 page edition of Forcing Change is an article on the history of violence and the role of Biblical values in society. This piece gives some cultural context to help us understand the evil that took place in Connecticut.

If you have a membership subscription, go to and download your copy of the December edition today! If you’re not a member… sign up here. At $54.95 per year, which includes access to all back issues, special reports, and audio files, it’s an exceptional value for the level of research and information provided. 

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  1. January 1, 2013 6:22 pm

    Thank you, Carl for being on the cutting edge and keeping us updated who wanted to know where we are headed.

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