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November Update

December 2, 2012

Here’s what transpired in the month of November.


– The highlight, by far, was speaking at the Westman Bible Conference in Boissevain, Manitoba, and then having the opportunity to bring a brief talk to CrossRoads Church in Kenton, Manitoba. If you want to find out more about the Westman conference, and hear the presentation from the different speakers, go to Westman Bible Conference. Speakers were Jim Mason from Creation Ministries International, author Marc Schooley from Houston, TX, and myself.

– Worked on and wrapped up the November issue of Forcing Change, which is slated to be on the webpage in the next day or two. The topic: An exploration of the mystical meaning of the labyrinth, and its use in the Christian community. More details will follow when this edition is online and the release note is published on the blog.

– Finished editing the first draft of Hope For The World Update, the quarterly newsletter of Gary Kah.


– Winter came in the first week of November, and I’m afraid it’s not going away. So we went to our cabin building site in the woods (see other Updates) and cleaned the location up for the winter. Sigh… no more fire pit wiener roasts.

– Hosted Jim Mason from Creation Ministries International in our home church on November 18. It was a good evening with many visitors coming to hear the Biblical and scientific validity of Genesis.

– Spent a weekend with my sister and brother-in-law. We hadn’t been there for a while, so it was nice to touch base again.

– Enjoyed a performance by Camerata Nova, a Winnipeg-based vocal group that focuses on medieval, Renaissance period, and other classical styles. This concert was built around Early American Christmas music. See the video below for a little taste.

– Saw five moose on the side of the road near Boissevain! That was something else!

Books Read:

– James Rollins, Blood Line (William Morrow, 2012). A novel built around the Rollins world of espionage, international terrorism, and secretive societies.

– Ethan Colton, Four Patterns of Revolution: Communist USSR, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, New Deal America (Association Press, 1935). An easy to read, yet detailed enough overview of each system of government centralism – comparing and contrasting throughout the book. Regarding the New Deal: I wish the author had explored the role and influence of Stewart Chase and the technocrat community as it relates to New Deal America.

– C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (Collins, 1945). I haven’t read this book since Bible college, and found it to be engaging and challenging while written in an easy-to-follow and enjoyable manner.




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