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October Update

November 9, 2012

My apology for not posting this October Update sooner. The last six weeks have been very busy on many fronts, but here it is!

Professional Life:

– The last week of the month was spent working on and finishing the latest edition of Forcing Change, which is now available for download on the Forcing Change website. The theme for this issue centers on the Christian mission to the Western world, and the challenges and opportunities we now face in light of our globalized culture. It’s a different type of topic, but its pertinent to our changing social/spiritual environment. Loaded with foundational Scripture passages and national data sets pulled from census reports, and topped with a fully illustrated guide to religious symbols, you’ll find this Forcing Change edition more relevant than imagined.

– Spoke to two congregations on the above mentioned topic of the “Christian witness” in a changing Western world. Interestingly, the first church that invited me had been regularly meeting in a conference room at Canadian Mennonite University. When I arrived to speak, the congregational chairman told me that the group had to switch rooms. Why? That morning, CMU needed the conference room for Sunday morning Yoga. Yup, Hinduism – for that is the heartbeat of Yoga – trumped a Christian congregation at a Mennonite college. The irony was inescapable.

– I spoke for one session at the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference. The title of my talk – The Babel Syndrome: From the Tower to the World. This presentation dissected the Tower of Babel event in the book of Genesis, and then demonstrated how its heartbeat is found in modern progressive left movements and the quest for “one world.”

Scita>Scienda, edited by my good friend Cathi-Lyn Dyck, engaged in a fun yet thought provoking interview regarding the question of Christianity and politics. You can find a snip-it of the interview here, Interview: Carl Teichrib on Church and State.

– Enjoyed an engaging interview with the guys from Canary Cry Radio. You can hear the audio of it here.


Private Life:

– Three good friends, all in their mid-life point, were diagnosed with cancer. I hate cancer. Pray for Lisa (a mother with four young girls – she has advanced lung cancer), for Andy who was discovered to have a dormant form of leukemia, and for Allan with stomach cancer. All three, thankfully, are believers in Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, healing and the strength to move past this stage is obviously desired.

– Had numerous opportunities to touch base with friends and family, reinvigorating friendships, and enjoying the fellowship that comes with good times spent together. One couple, Mike and Jessie from North Dakota, camped in our yard for a week – it was fantastic!

– I really didn’t do much detecting this year, and missed the relaxation and exhilaration of the hobby. However, the few hours spent in October with the detector was very enjoyable. Found: one 1912 small-sized 5 cent coin (in great shape!), a 1927 Confederation commemorative coin, a few silver dimes, and a handful of modern quarters and a few loonies and toonies (Canada’s one and two dollar coin).

– Worked on the cabin project for a few days. We managed to lay-in the sheeting on the main floor and hang all the loft joists. I’m really hoping to put in a couple more days before the winter snows close the site completely.

– My dad’s health slowly improved over the majority of the month. However, during the last week of October and into November, he has taken a noticeable downturn. We’re still praying and hoping that he’ll recover from April’s back surgery. It’s a tough haul.


Books Read:

I only completed one book in October: Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Democracy: The God that Failed (Transaction Publishers, 2001). I found his analysis refreshing and challenging at the same time, and much of it re-affirmed my growing unease with democracy as a whole. There is much to chew-on in this volume, and I’ll be re-visiting it many times as I continually work on developing an understanding of private versus public government, versus concepts of natural law.


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  1. November 9, 2012 7:12 pm

    Just a note to let you know how much Sharon and I appreciate your work, even if my reluctance to say “no” has created a schedule that makes it difficult to keep up with it.

    I have been meaning to ask you on to talk about the Freemasonry issue, and then you beat me to it with another new issue. (The invite stands, however.)

    In Christ, Derek

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