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September Update

October 1, 2012

Here’s a brief outline of what happened in September.

Walking to the Renaissance Festival gate.


– Published an edition of Forcing Change focusing on education for global transformation. This is a topic I need to write about more often. The historical and contemporary leverage of education for social transformation toward far-left ideologies is a vast area of study, and is very concerning. Tomorrow’s leaders, be they political, academic or religious, will have largely been shaped by an “education system” that is progressively socialistic in nature.

Financial Sense Newshour aired a pre-taped interview on the rise and role of World Federalism, a long standing movement dedicated to world government through United Nations empowerment. This interview was based on the Forcing Change coverage of the WFM International Congress (If you haven’t read this important report, you need to!).

– I was a guest on a couple of other radio programs: The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, and The Corbett Report.

– Spoke at the St. Laurent Bible Chapel for one morning on the topic of “Samson Maligned.” And I found my missing computer slide-clicker from when I was there last May!

– In the beginning of September I found myself at Millar College of the Bible, talking with friends and faculty, and sorting through books that were donated to the Forcing Change library. The end of September found myself in Minneapolis, purchasing books for the Forcing Change library. Obviously, some cataloging was in order when we returned. You can check out the partial content of my library at


– My father’s health was still low. Continue to pray for healing in his back, and strength to meet the day.

– September was a month of re-connecting with friends, from Pamburn, SK to Minneapolis, MN – and with many dear friends from our own province.

– Spent an afternoon hiking in Riding Mountain National Park, which is less than an hour from our house, with friends from our home church.

– We finally put in a few good days working on our cabin site, a location a mile and a half off the grid. It’s coming together agonizingly slow as resources and time allows. Does anybody have an old but solid barn that needs to be torn down? I’m looking for loft planking to use as flooring… 🙂

– I’m not a football fan – or a fan of any other team sport for that matter – but I attended a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game with my friend Gord, and had a great time, despite the Bombers loosing… again.

– Went arrow head hunting with my friend, Murray, in southern Saskatchewan. We found some tipi rings, which were remarkable in their own rite, but no stone tools. Nevertheless, I love the wide-open and semi-desolate landscape of south-west Saskatchewan. No cell reception, lots of coulees, and sky, sky, sky.

– Did a little metal detecting. I didn’t find much, but I didn’t spend the time needed to recover much either. I have found what should be a hot location for old coins (can’t say where), now I just need to spend a day or two on the ground pinging for metal. However, I did find a handful of old pennies – including an oversize 1908 one cent coin – a silver dime, and a cool RMS Carinthia pin (a souvenir from a Saxonia class ocean liner).

– As a family we went to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN. This festival is contained in a 20 acre midieval playground – artisan shops of all kinds, from swords to time period clothing to pottery to leather work; comedy stages with acts all day long; workshops and lectures on glass blowing, the development of Renaissance music, and the history of weaponry and heraldry; jousting (yes, horse mounted knights-in-armor smacking each other with lances); lots of interesting food; so many activities and things to do – some gimmicky, some not; and tons of interesting people in the wildest costumes imaginable. Our children were wide-eyed. We went the one-day set aside for school groups, on a Friday, thereby missing the massive crowds usually associated with this event.

– On the last Sunday of the month we attended a church service at Prairie Hill Evangelical Free Church in Eden Prairie, MN. Leaving Minneapolis that morning, we decided to find a congregation to worship with, and not knowing any of the local churches, we chose Prairie Hill. What did we find? A friendly congregation, and teaching from the Word. It was a good morning!

Books Read:

– Daniel Peris, Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless (Cornell University Press, 1998). An important contribution to understanding official Soviet-era atheist policy and action. 

– Lloyd Billingsley, The Absence of Tyranny: Recovering Freedom in Our Time (Multnomah Press, 1986). An easy to read and important book on leftist ideology versus Biblical-based concepts of liberty and freedom. Don’t let the publishing date fool you: It’s more relevant today then when first released.

– Brad Alles, Starting at the End: The Future According to Worldviews and What the Bible Says – this text is a pre-release manuscript, and I was able to read it as some of my material is quoted in the book. It will officially be released next year by a major publishing house. 

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