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August Update

September 11, 2012

Does it seem like time is speeding up? A month feels like a week, a week like a day, and a day rushes past faster than a 15-minute coffee break. So now it’s almost the middle of September, and I’m just getting around to posting my August Update.


– The first half of August was devoted to completing the Forcing Change report on the experiences of my intern and I while attending the congress of the World Federalist Movement. Much of the report was complete before August, but due to a computer failure on my part, I had to re-write the majority of the paper. Ironically, while I was re-building my essay, my intern’s computer was acting up. All of this meant that the report was overdue. However, the final product was substantial. Listen, if you haven’t read the Forcing Change report yet, you need to – as it outlines the global governance agenda for the next five years.

– Radio interviews included: Worldview Weekend Radio, On the Wall Radio, VFTB, and Steel on Steel. I also did a taping with Financial Sense Newshour, which aired the first weekend of September.

– During the last days of August, I traveled to Millar College of the Bible to spend time with friends and pick through boxes of books, bringing home a few gems. I also had the opportunity to meet with Harley Porter, the pastor of the Weyburn AGC church, and discuss current events with him.

– Spoke at the Neepawa Christian Fellowship on “Samson Maligned.”

– Had a great chat with Stacy and Randall Harp of Active Christian Media regarding web-promotion, idea development, and expanding the reach of Forcing Change. If you’re an author, radio host, or content provider, you need to talk to ACM about their services.

– The last couple of weeks I worked on and completed the first edit of Gary Kah’s Hope For The World Update.



– My father’s health remained low as he struggled with regaining strength due to his back surgery last April. Continue to pray for his healing.

– Had a couple of campfires with friends and visited neighbors. That’s what summer’s are for, right?

– Enjoyed a weekend with my wife’s extended family in Pilot Mound. Neither her side of the family nor my side have the opportunity to get together often, so it was really nice touching base with her relatives. It rained, but that didn’t stop the kids from using fence railings as a “net” for a game of volleyball “in-the-rain.”

– Had a few afternoons out in the bush at our cabin site. Work is going agonizingly slow as we’re piecing things together as resource and time allows.


Books Read

– Richard Halliburton, The Flying Carpet (1932). Halliburton is my favorite travel writer from the 1920s and 30s. His adventures are so over-the-top, reflecting a world not-yet stifled by the heavy hand of risk-aversion bureaucracy and political correctness.

– Mao Tse-Tung, On New Democracy (1960). Originally published earlier, this book delves into China’s transitioning toward Communism.

– Mao Tse-Tung, On People’s Democratic Dictatorship (1959). Originally published earlier, this booklet – an essay, really – is Mao’s statement on creating a worldview shift to accept a “democratic dictatorship.”

– Louis L’Amour, The Walking Drum (1984). This is one of my favorite L’Amour novels, set in the world of 12th century Euro-Asia. I read it to my children.

– Peter Theroux, Sandstorms: Days and Nights in Arabia (1990). An American journalist experiences in the Middle East, presenting an interesting picture of the cultural and political differences in the region.

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  1. Kimberly Chance permalink
    September 11, 2012 11:30 am

    * Carl, I thought you might find this interesting, considering this latest issue of Forcing Change. After looking at the make-up of the board, the goal statements and recent blog postings, I sense a major agenda….

    Kimberly * * * * *

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