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Forcing Change and Active Christian Media

August 21, 2012

Earlier this summer, Active Christian Media was gracious enough to do a “voice-over” commercial, which was played on their daily talk show, On the Wall Radio.

Stacy and Randall Harp, owners of Active Christian Media, first contracted “a voice,” then added original music and tweaked the recording for effect. The result was fantastic! My webmaster at Forcing Change then layered the ACM voice-over in a video format, and the “video commercial” below is the result.

If you have a Christian-based website, organization, publication or book, and haven’t checked out the services of Active Christian Media, you need to. Besides running an audio/visual production service for book trailers and web-ads (with original music scores!), they offer social media content, internet radio services and guest-coaching, communication development, and networking/marketing tips.

And not only are Stacy and Randall professional in their work, they’re a lot of fun too!

Here’s the “Forcing Change” video commercial! Thank you, Stacy and Randall, and thank-you to my webmaster, Linda Burke, for making this happen!

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