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On the Agenda of World Government – Forcing Change Release Note

August 13, 2012

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,

This edition of Forcing Change is late, really late. But when you read it, you’ll know why.

For one week in July, delegates from around the globe met to discuss and debate “world government.” The purpose of this meeting was twofold: To energize the movement for an international authority, and to establish the structure of this pro-world government organization for the next five years. Now, you’re not going to read about this meeting in the newspaper or see it on the evening news. But you will read about it, in-depth, in the pages of Forcing Change – because two people attended who are now giving you the scoop: The Forcing Change summer intern, and myself.

Roughly every 5 years since 1947, a group of influential people actively pursing world government meet to push their agenda forward. Those involved in this historical movement, and the organization itself, have witnessed many successes; they played a role in the creation of the United Nations, introduced binding State resolutions to promote world authority, pressured the development of the European Union, and acted as the main players behind the birth of the International Criminal Court. In other words, what they do cannot be ignored.

And since 1947 they have met in “world cities” like London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Rome. This year, they met in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Surprised? There’s a reason for this.

If you want to learn more, including which “world government” campaigns are going to be pushed during the next five years? Then log-in to Forcing Change today and download your copy, read it, study it, and pass it along to family, friends, and colleagues.

Not a member of Forcing Change? Your subscription/membership does two things: 1) Empowers you with specialized knowledge, 2) Enables Forcing Change to continue this vital work.


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