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July Update

August 10, 2012

July and half of August have been extraordinarily busy, hence the late posting on the Forcing Change blog.

Here’s what transpired in July.


– Traveled to Indiana to attend a meeting with one of my writing/research contacts. And while there, my wife and I picked up Olivia Chance, a university friend who’s interning under Forcing Change this summer.

– Olivia and I attended the week-long Congress of the World Federalist Movement, and spent the rest of the month working on a report detailing our experiences and findings. Stay tuned for more information!

– Radio: I was a guest on Erskine Overnight, and we touched on a number of hot-button topics, including population control. Steel and Steel also did an interview in July, which will be played this weekend!

– We ran a Forcing Change “Facebook” special at the end of the month, which drew some attention to our site.

– Finally, Randall and Stacy Harp of Active Christian Media worked on a Forcing Change commercial. They did a fantastic job, and next week I hope to give them a big plug through our websites.


– My father struggled with his health throughout the month. Continue to pray for his healing.

– Austin, my daughter, spent a week volunteering in Bible Camp as part of the work crew. She worked hard, and had a great time!

– Scott, my son, started working part-time for a local farmer.

– Leanne and myself, along with Olivia, went sailing with our friends, Dave and Cathi Dyck. Although the wind was basically dead, we still had a wonderful afternoon.

– We did spend a small amount of time working on our cabin project out in the bush. At the rate we’re going, it’s going to be 2025 before we finish it. Rats. I need far more time in the day!


Because so much of the month was spent researching the World Federalist report, I never finished reading any books – this hasn’t happened in a very long time!

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