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June Update

July 4, 2012

June is over – hard to believe – and we’re in the dog days of summer. Here’s what happened in June.


Helping make supper at church camp.

– Almost all of June was focused on helping my father with his health situation. In early April he underwent back surgery, but in June a number of corollary issues popped up. Much of June was spent at his place, and in finding the best way forward. Continue to pray for his health.

– As a family we attended our first, and hopefully annual, church weekend camp. It was a refreshing break, and a wonderful way to re-connect with church family. I brought my metal detector and, along with a couple of young guys, spent part of the day on the camp toboggan hill picking up loose change from the previous winter. It was neat how this activity played into spending time with some young people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

– My son, Scott, got his learners license. Scott’s on the road!

– Scott and Austin, along with a friend and cousin, found a deeper bend in the creek that runs through my father’s farm, and now they have a swimming hole to play in. I have a feeling their dad will spend some time in the river too!



– Because of extra research and writing done in May, I pulled together the June edition of Forcing Change. The subject: An in-depth review of the population control agenda. The research done on this topic was intense, and it forced me to think through a number of interlocking issues, such as resource wars, climate change, global and national demographic trends, the politics of family planning, etc. If you haven’t read this important report, click over to the Forcing Change homepage and log-in to access the entire edition.



I finished three books.

1) Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Witch, a book on the topic of manipulating others, how to read people, basic psychology and behavioral characteristics, etc.

2) Stuart Chase, A New Deal (1932). This is a must-read book for anyone wanting to better understand the American progressive worldview, leftist political economy, and the era of the New Deal and the technocratic model.

3) James Rollins, Altar of Eden. A novel about genetic manipulation. I read it just for fun.

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