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Tackling Transhumanism – Forcing Change Release Note

May 9, 2012

The latest edition of Forcing Change is now online for members to download. The theme: Transhumanism. In this issue, Cris Putnam from Logos Apologia explores the theological and philosophical problems of Christian Transhumanism, and offers up some very important food for thought.

In the next article, I contemplate the early use of the word “transhuman,” and tackle the worldview of Julian Huxley – the first to employ the term in a way that garnished interest (it had been used before by others, including the 1892 edition of Lucifer magazine). Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is also examined, as are others who promoted a progressive evolutionary view of humankind. The point of the article: To demonstrate not just the use of the word, but far more importantly, that the term refers to a total transformational process – including political, social, and religious change based on evolution and technology.

Finally, we offer a short list of movies that present some aspect of transhumanism, demonstrating that the theme has a long tradition inside popular culture. Indeed, transumanism is not going to fade away. After all, it represents the spear-tip of a long-standing aspiration, one with roots in esoteric orders, positivism and scientific socialism, and even the idea of “world government” – Man will take destiny in hand, Man will become Master.

If you’re a member of Forcing Change, that is, you have access to the premium part of the Forcing Change site, log-in and download your copy today. If you’re not a member, consider joining! FC isn’t a club – it’s an information portal, with 6 years of journal back issues, access to the latest edition of FC, and scores of other downloadable items. Forcing Change provides a unique education, giving you “information with an edge” regarding the political, economic, social, and religious transformations taking place today.

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  1. Lincoln Cannon permalink
    May 10, 2012 10:55 pm

    Cris Putnam demonstrates no interest or ability in presenting Christian (or Mormon) Transhumanism in a manner recognizable to Christian (or Mormon) Transhumanists. A criticism of a inaccurate characterization is not a criticism.

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