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April Update

May 7, 2012

April was a wild month. Here’s the update…

My daughter, Austin, fishing at Navarre Beach.


– Toward the end of April, I spent a couple of fast days in Calgary, Alberta, where I had the opportunity to speak at the Last Days Conference. The people there were great! And the time went very quickly. My speech titles were:

1) Man as God: Living the First Lie

2) Power in Unity: Engineering a New World

3) Techno-Gods: Engineering the Evolving Man

4) The Fear of the Lord: A Missing Ingredient

On Sunday morning I spoke at a church on the north-east side of Calgary. The presentation looked at how the Great Commission is being challenged by the social and religious shifts taking place in our own country, and in the church. The passage used was Acts 17 – Paul speaking to the men at Mars Hill.

– Went to Washington DC for a few days to work with a film crew on a potential new documentary. During my time in DC, I had the chance to meet with and interview leading personalities in different fields of interest. Sorry for being so vague, but until the project is complete, that’s about as far as I can throw this ball. But Washington was nice! The weather was great, the crew and I visited different monuments along the Mall, and we had a chance to chat with a member of the Capitol Police – “Do you have a permit for your video camera?” No. Apparently a special permit is needed to film the Capitol building. Oh well, the officer was pleasant and professional, and we moved along…. 🙂

– Worked through some of the writings of Julian Huxley and Stuart Chase, trying to grasp how these two men advocated for and conceptualized a new world order.


– In the beginning of April, we as a family had the opportunity to travel with good friends to Florida. We stayed in Pensacola for a couple of days, visiting mutual friends and exploring in the city. Then, we traveled east to Navarre Beach for three days of surf. The waves were wonderful! Not too wild, but a lot of fun. We tried our hands at salt-water fishing; no luck. And on the final day, with the sun out in full force, we enjoyed ourselves on the beach. No sir, us pale-skinned northerners weren’t going to pass-up on on some hot Florida sunshine! Unfortunately we passed up on the sun-screen in our enthusiasm to feel the warmth. The result: each member of the Teichrib family was burned to a crisp. Leanne and I burned enough that our legs and feet became swollen, and on the way back to Manitoba, our son Scot had a severe reaction to lidocaine and ended up in the emergency room in Louisville, KY. Ah, but after months of winter, we actually felt the sun! And it felt so good while on the beach. Of course, afterward we felt raw… and just a little bit stupid.

– My father had major back surgery in April. When we returned to Manitoba, we spent a large part of the month nursing him in his house. It’s going to be a long healing process!


In April I read three books:

1. Julian Huxley, Religion Without Revelation.

2. Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games.

3. Otto Rahn, Lucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers.

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  1. Beverley Wilson permalink
    May 14, 2012 8:45 am

    It is great to see how the Lord is using you. You stated, “On Sunday morning I spoke at a church on the north-east side of Calgary.” Would you be able to mention the name? It is encourgaging to know of churches that I may be able to fellowship at if I were ever in Calgary.

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