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March Update

April 15, 2012

Yes, I’m way behind on postings! March and April have been crazy months, and I’ve had little time to go on-line, let alone post blog updates. Nevertheless, here’s a sampling of what transpired in March…


– I completed the February and March issues of Forcing Change; the February edition was a marathon endeavor that taxed my time, resources, and energy to the extreme (see One World, One Force: What A Pain). The March issue came together much better, and went online at the end of the month.

– Did two radio interviews: Erskine Overnight and Derek Gilbert’s show, VFTB.

– Traveled to Memphis where I participated with Brannon Howse in four hours of TV interviews.

– Met with members of a documentary team in the US to help with a new project: Details will be released when the documentary is ready to go… which won’t be for some time yet! Sorry, I can’t offer more.

– Conducted some research work on America’s founders and the link to Freemasonry. The bulk of the work was spent reviewing old Masonic Service Association documents.


– Went for a birthday supper with my family, my father, and friends. If you’re ever traveling through the Riding Mountain region of Manitoba, stop at Glen’s Cafe in Glenella. The food is excellent and the price was very reasonable.

– As a family we traveled to central Indiana to help with the Hamilton County Passion Play, Behold the Lamb! If you follow the Behold the Lamb link, you can read an article about this years event. Unfortunately, the pictures in the article are from the pre-stage rehearsals held in Harbor Shores Church, and not the stage rehearsals done at the actual location. It’s not a small endeavor: Approximately 500 people are in the play or working backstage to make it happen, and close to 1,000 fill the auditorium for each of the seven performances.

– Had a chance to visit many friends in central Indiana, but we missed seeing others as we had to cut the visit short due to medical issues back home with my father. My dad received notice of his back surgery sooner then anyone expected. However, we did have a chance to travel to Montgomery on the last day of the month and make a short excursion to Florida in early April before racing back to Manitoba.

Books Read:

– James Rollins, The Doomsday Key; a novel based around St. Malachy, the Vatican, and Svalbard Global Seed Vault. One year ago, a friend gave me a stack of James Rollins books for “stress-relief” reading. I have one more to go!

– Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here. Because Tom and Cris used some of my published research in their upcoming book, I was privy to a proof-edition. It’s a fascinating volume that uses St. Malachy’s “final-pope prophecy” as a launching pad to critically analyze and document the role of the Vatican in world affairs and historical movements. Petrus Romanus also exposes many of the foundational errors in the Roman Catholic structure, including Peter as the “first pope” and “papal infallibility,” and details the bloody and convoluted history of the Vatican – both within its own ranks and as the Holy See extended its power throughout Europe.



Books Read:

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