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February Update

March 2, 2012

February came and February went. Here’s a little of how the shortest month of the year played out in my small world.



– Alas, the January issue of Forcing Change came out late. It was a tough edition, as discussed in an earlier blog… and there was a trickle effect, as the February issue was (and is) behind schedule. Nevertheless, the January edition – which detailed the rise and influence of think tanks and foundations – set much of the tone for February, primarily through radio interviews and in follow-up research work.

– Radio shows included The Bruce Collins Show, On The Wall Radio, and a taping with Steel on Steel.

– Finished working on the Spring edition of Hope For The World Update. Four times a year I pull together articles and research reports, and perform editorial services for the ministry of Gary Kah, who will then undertake another round of editorial work in pulling together his print newsletter.

– Spoke at the Neepawa Christian Fellowship on February 19th.

– I did something completely different! During the month of February, the town of Neepawa Manitoba held a mayoral/council campaign leading up to its elections near the end of the month. I was brought in as an independent and outside voice to conduct radio interviews with some of the candidates on CJ 97.1. Then, over the course of the week leading up to the election, the radio station played these interviews so people in the community could get a sense of the issues and personalities.



– My daughter participated in the Speech Arts Festival and was recommended to compete at the provincial level!

– Scott, my son, was interviewed by Air Force personnel to determine if he will participate in Glider School this summer… now Dad and Mom are just waiting to see whether he’s accepted or not.

– Leanne, my wife, worked super hard in helping arrange the Gladstone Speech Arts Festival. This was a huge undertaking, coordinating different school entries from the region along with homeschool participants. And in any event like this, the independent adjudicator adds much to the actual day – providing not only judgment and constructive criticism, but encouragement.

– I helped judge a 4-H speech contest, and enjoyed every minute of it!

– Spent a fantastic afternoon and evening skating on the river at the farm with friends and family. We had about an eighth of a mile of clear ice, lit fires on either end of the skating area, cooked hot-dogs, visited, and had a great time. Dad came down onto the ice with his Ranger, and the kids had a blast hanging on the tailgate as he pulled them up-and-down the river on their skates.

– Had a chance to spend time with good friends; in the front of the month, in the middle, and at the back end. We are blessed!

– Two funerals punctuated one week. Keep the Patterson and Fehr families of Gladstone in your prayers.


Books Read:

– Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Doubleday, 2007).

– V.I. Lenin, State and Revolution (International Publishers, 1969 – originally published in 1917).

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract (Penguin, 1974 – originally published in 1762).

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