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January Update

February 4, 2012

January was a tough month in terms of writing. Here’s a brief breakdown of how our month went.


– I hate writer’s block! For weeks I banged my head against the wall as I tried to pull together the January issue of Forcing Change. Alas, as the month came to a close, I was able to bring this edition together – an examination of the interlock between progressive foundations, think tanks and government, and how this impacts a malleable public. It’s on the Forcing Change website now! My head still hurts.

– I hosted a radio show for the first time! Mid-point in January, when I was on Constance Cumbey’s My Perspective, she asked as the program wrapped up if I would run the show the following week as she couldn’t be on the air. It was challenging in its own way, but a good experience. I was also a guest on three different shows.

1. On The Wall Radio, a division of Active Christian Media.

2. Worldview Weekend Radio, with Brannon Howse.

3. My Perspective, with Constance Cumbey.

– Spent a day doing research at the University of Manitoba. My daughter was there as a my “assistant” for the day.

– Spoke at two churches; 1) Lakeside Gospel Chapel in St. Laurent, Manitoba. 2) Neepawa Christian Fellowship in Neepawa, Manitoba.


– My son, Scott, passed his Glider’s Pilot ground exam!

– Started the year off by celebrating with friends and then attending a New Years Day “Teichrib” gathering.

– Our family visited with other homeschool families in this region of the province; a very enjoyable time! One evening was a Robby Burns supper, complete with haggis. Yummy!

– January weather was exceptional for Manitoba. Above normal temperatures, even hitting a few degrees above freezing, were welcomed during a month that often has -30 degree ambient temperatures for weeks. We did have a few -30 days. Add the wind, and they had the cutting bite of -45.


1) Tapping Hitler’s Generals: Transcripts of Secret Conversations, 1942-45, edited by Sonke Neitzel (Frontline Books, 2007).

2) The Socialist Movement by J. Ramsey MacDonald (William & Norgate, 1911).



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