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Who’s In Your Mind?

January 9, 2012

This is an excellent historical over-view of CIA mind control programs, with fascinating yet disturbing interviews from people who participated – both from the practitioners point of view and from victims. The admissions in this documentary are important windows into human nature, how elements in the intelligence community operated, and North American social history (including the New Age Movement). Geographical contact points add to the scope of this story, taking the viewer from Washington DC to Ottawa, from the Mazatec area of Mexico to Montreal, from New York to San Francisco to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

One location the documentary producers didn’t talk about or tape was the Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital in Weyburn, Saskatchewan – arguably one of the first locations where LSD was experimented with on unwitting patients. (see the January 2011 issue of Forcing Change and its article, “Psychedelics on the Prairies,” for more information on the Weyburn connection – “The psychedelic era did not begin in New York. Nor did it get its start in London or Paris. Instead, it began in Saskatchewan…”).

This documentary was produced by ABC and aired in 1979.

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