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December 2011 Update

January 2, 2012

Somewhere in the beginning of December I blinked, and then the month was over. Here’s a breakdown of December 2011.

Getting ready to go skating on the river at the farm.


– Published the December edition of the Forcing Change journal. At its core was an extensive “global calendar of events” for 2012, highlighting major economic, political, trans-human, and religious events that will influence society in the coming months and years. Each listing included the date, location, title or theme, and a brief description of the event. This was a research intensive edition!

– Was a guest on Derek Gilbert’s VFTB talk show, and on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Radio.

– Spent time at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba. And I had a research assistant! My 13-yr old daughter accompanied me and was a huge help. After getting over the initial shock of seeing so many books – the most she had ever seen in one place – I showed her how the cataloging system worked, and she dove into the stacks and chased down the volumes I needed without any hesitation.


– Christmas without my mother was… different (see An Extraordinary Woman). But my father did well! We gathered as a family, spent time skating on the river that runs through the farm, lit some good sized fires, did a little-bit of off-road driving, and had a general good time.

– Christmas on my wife’s side was very enjoyable. Games, visiting, food and friendship; I am truly blessed by the family I have, and that I married into.

– Visited with friends from all parts of the province, and traveled down to south-central North Dakota to see some friends there.

– Spent time chainsawing with my son in the bush by our cabin site; cleaning up dead trees and dragged out logs. It ended with a nice fire to warm our cold fingers, and some hotdogs to chase away the growling in our stomachs.

– And of course, Christmas programs! Both my son and daughter participated in our church’s Christmas evening, and they produced a short, stop-motion animation for their homeschool Christmas program. The animation centered on the unofficial Christmas truce during the first year of World War I (1914) between German and Scottish/British/French troops.


– Didn’t do as much reading as I wanted.

1) Erik von Keuhnelt-Leddihn, Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Times (1952/1992). A critical examination of historical and contemporary views of liberty and democracy/equality. Keuhnelt-Leddihn was an Austrian-born historian and social theorist; and in Liberty or Equality he upheld a monarchist position and Catholic foundation as opposed to democracy and Protestant social structures.

2) Bishops’ Ludwig Muller and Weidemann, The Germanisation of the New Testament, edited by H.C. Robbins (1938). This brief document contains major excerpts of Nazi-rewritten sections of the New Testament. For myself, reading this is part of an ongoing quest to better understand the worldview of German National Socialism.

3) James Rollins, The Last Oracle. Sometimes a person needs to pick up a piece of fiction… what makes Rollins’ work interesting is that he weaves historical elements into his plot.

4) Charles B. Seib, The Woods: One Man’s Escape to Nature (1971). A short, light read of Mr. Seib’s struggle to build and enjoy a cabin-in-the-woods as a get-away from the bustle of newspaper life in Washington DC.

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