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Sail On, My Friends!

December 30, 2011

Although David Dyck and I are related, it wasn’t until we met at a conference in Winnipeg a number of years ago that we finally connected as family in a meaningful way. Since then, Dave and his wife Cathi, and their children, have become exceptional friends. All of the family are gifted musicians, all are solid individuals – right down to the youngest (don’t confuse being solid with being safe), and all are fun to be around. When I started developing the idea of producing the Forcing Change journal, I sought Dave and Cat’s input.

Dave and Cathi head up the Westman Bible Conference, and formed Scita>Scienda, “a fellowship of rogue scholarship.” Cat is an author and freelance writer, and hosts Scienda Editorial, an authorship service that includes manuscript critique and evaluation, editorial services, and mentoring. Her clients have received awards and significant nominations. She’s also the managing editor of Scienda Quarterly.

Dave works at a large plant in a neighboring city, but his real “work” interests revolve around his projects: Biodiesel, truck building, home renovations, and all things mechanical. And sailing. Indeed, the whole Dyck family loves the exhilaration of running the wind in their 23-footer, and their oldest son has demonstrated real potential in the sport. And yet, they live in the wide-open prairies of Manitoba, where winter shuts down all things sailing… except the Dyck family.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to post a video of Dave’s inaugural run on his homemade ice-boat, which was constructed… in the living room. Check out Cathi’s write up, “Sailing on Thin Ice.”

Sail on, my friends, sail on.








Throughout the development and production of the Forcing Change journal and research work, Dave and Cat have been encouraging and supportive – in fact, they were the first readers to jump on board.


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  1. December 30, 2011 1:22 pm

    Ah, the iceboat…great fun! Thanks so much for the massive shout-out to the Scienda project and all its starfish arms!

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