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2012 Release Notes

December 29, 2011

Dear Friends of Forcing Change,

2012 is almost at the door, and the December issue of Forcing Change provides you with a unique tool – a global calendar of events. Almost 50 listings long, this calendar gives you a heads-up regarding world-change contact points throughout the coming year. Each listing is an event, conference, meeting, or other happening that adds to the transformation of our Western world. By being aware of these events, their locations and the main themes, you will have a greater understanding of the coming trends and challenges. It’s a calendar that you will want to turn back to throughout the year; a reference point to 2012.

Some of the topical themes found in the calendar include,

– Major agendas tucked into United Nations events, with an eye to the Rio+20 conference in June.

– A host of interlocking meetings in Chicago during 2012; NATO, G8, the Nobel Summit and more, including a planned “Challenge the NATO War Makers” counter-event being organized by Marxist, socialist, and progressive organizations.

– Momentum towards world federalism, global governance, and international management; with events taking place in Washington DC; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Nice, France; Madrid, Spain; Dublin, Ireland…

– Transhumanism and social evolution.

– Pagan gatherings, the “World Interfaith Harmony Week,” and New Age transformation events leading to the conclusion of 2012.

Members of Forcing Change can immediately download this extensive report. If you’re not a member, join up today and gain access to the December edition and 5 full years of important back issues!

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