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Forcing Change – Release Notes

December 9, 2011

Forcing Change Release Note


Dear Friends of Forcing Change,

I wish I was making this up: You have the right to a democratically elected world government.

Alas, the idea that world management is a fundamental human right isn’t something I’ve conjured. Instead, it cropped up this fall in a series of United Nations Human Rights Council resolutions. Yes, you are entitled to a socialist world system – for that is how the resolution is couched.

Actually, a lot has happened during the past few months regarding world change, and this edition of Forcing Change tackles a host of interlocking issues:

– An examination of Mikhail Gorbachev’s recent speech calling for a “new world order” and an American perestroika. I’ve also  pulled key excerpts from Gorby’s speeches during the 19th All-Union Conference of the CPSU, the launching pad for perestroika. After all, if America is to have its own “restructuring” as claimed by the ex-Soviet leader, then we need to some context. Shades of a dialectic… comrade.

– The Vatican’s recommendation for a “world political authority” and a global central bank, and how the principle of subsidiarity is being used to leverage world management.

– Two major interfaith developments; First, the Vatican’s 25th Assisi anniversary event. Second, the plan for a Saudi-funded interfaith project in Vienna that looks like an embryonic world congress of religions.

– The UN resolution for a democratically established “international order.” After all, it’s your right!

IMPORTANT: This edition of Forcing Change looks to put some perspective on the European crisis. How? By examining a big idea: one advocated for almost two hundred years by many people from many walks of life; philosophers, intellectuals, statesmen, international elites, bankers, corporate players, socialists, communists, fascists, free market capitalist, military brass, religious leaders, politicians and pundits.

What is it? Download you copy of Forcing Change today and turn to page 9 for a 76 point timeline spelling it out.

If you’re a member, go to and log on today. If you’re not a member, consider joining! It’s not a club, it’s not an organization: It’s an information portal giving you access to the current edition of Forcing Change, almost 6 years of back issues, special reports, audio files, and more.

And your membership in Forcing Change is important. Not only does it give you access to cutting-edge research, but your membership helps finance the constant leg-work needed. Thank You!

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