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November Update

December 8, 2011

November came and went in a blink. Here’s the update,


– Worked on the November issue of Forcing Change. Unfortunately, it wasn’t released until after the month end, but the information it contains is exceptional: Of particular note – an incredible time line on European integration. Want some perspective on the European crisis? Read the November issue of Forcing Change!

– Spent much of the month working on a writing/editing project for Hope For The World. This included reviewing articles from other authors, editing items to ensure flow and formatting, and contributing original content. Part of this project was the development of an international calendar of events for 2012, which will be modified for the December issue of Forcing Change. The amount of fact finding required to pull this calendar together was staggering.

– Was a guest on the radio talk show, Steel on Steel, regarding the European crisis, Italian-based technocracy, and other inter-relating aspects of this continental crisis.

– Reviewed background papers from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the European Central Bank. This was after doing the Steel on Steel show; his interview re-sparked interest in this area, and I re-visited these papers as a refresher. Some of this work ended up in the Forcing Change European integration time line, especially the interaction between the BIS and the European banking community.

– Spent a considerable amount of time comparing and contrasting Hitler’s worldview through readings in Mein Kampf, My New Order (one of the first collection of his speeches), Table Talks, and other material by and about Hitler. This was done for a long-term project I’m working on.

– Reviewed H.G. Wells’ writings from the late 1800’s until the mid-1940s. I was primarily interested in his views regarding world collectivism.

– Investigated the worldview of Chiang Kai-shek. Grappling with Chiang was like playing football with an oil covered watermelon; just when I thought I had a handle on him, whoosh, it all slipped through and I had to chase him from another angle. What a complex individual and convoluted history!

– Gave a presentation to the Neepawa Christian Fellowship.



– I did a lot of reading, but very little cover-to-cover was done. Two items that I actually finished:

1) The Future of Central Banking Cooperation (BIS, 2006). This very short document took a while to read as I found myself comparing the information with other material.

2) David W. Lowe, Deconstructing Lucifer: Reexamining the Ancient Origins of the Fallen Angel of Light (Seismos Publishing, 2011). This was an excellent read as it challenged my assumptions, made me think, and drove me to examining Scripture in a deeper way. In the past I have pubilished articles on the “Luciferian principle,” and discussed this in some of my lectures. However, after reading Mr. Lowe’s book, my position is in the process of being modified. This was an outstanding study.



– My Uncle Bert passed away, so I traveled to North Battleford, Saskatchewan with my father and an uncle to attend the funeral. It was good visiting family whom I hadn’t seen in years, but the circumstances surrounding the visit was difficult.

– Spent a few days with my in-laws in Virden, Manitoba. It was nice a break.

– Right before the ground froze in mid-November I went metal detecting for an hour in a small-town park: Found $7 dollars in change and a large bronze base-ball medallion.


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