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October Update

November 3, 2011

October was a long month, and here’s a short update.

– With my mother’s health failing during the first couple of weeks, then her passing on the 11th, the majority of the month has been spent dealing with the issues that accompany such a situation. Through it all, the support of friends and family has been incredible; Prayers, cards, phone calls, and offers of help have been greatly appreciated. If you haven’t read her eulogy, scroll over to the October archives for the text and a picture.

– Although we put much of life on hold, we did manage to spend some time in the bush where we plan to build a cabin. Before my mom’s passing, we spent an evening with friends enjoying a camp fire at the location, and later in October we built a “one-hole composter” and placed it on site. My wife says it’s her “birthday present.”

– Books read in October were few. 1) Science, Technology and National Socialism, edited by Monika Renneberg and Mark Walker. 2) The Coming Economic Armageddon, by David Jeremiah.

– Took the better part of a week and re-arranged my office.

– Finished the October issue of Forcing Change and released it to my readers.

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