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May Update

June 3, 2011

The month of May floated away faster then I realized. And “floating” is an appropriate word.

– Rain, rain, rain. May witnessed a deluge across Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan. So the month started with flooding resulting from spring run-off, a late April blizzard, and… more rain! And the month ended with more flooding. Although our yard isn’t near a river, the ground-water and overland ditch flooding made for soggy going – there was no point in washing the car. BUT, unlike many of our neighbors, our basement has remained dry. This is a huge blessing as my office and library is entirely “under the water table.”

– Worked on the latest issue of Forcing Change. It’s the first part of a series titled “One World, One Force,” an historical and contemporary look at the quest to create an effective International Police/Military Force to service the International Community. If you haven’t read the report yet – a timeline that starts in 1900 – you’ll want to. It’s an incredible piece of the globalist puzzle.

– Did a lot of reading and research in the historical move toward World Federalism. This is a topic I’ve spent considerable amounts of energy on in the past, but the review work I did in May helped me to better appreciate the depth of this movement. This subject, by the way, fits hand-in-glove with the One World, One Force report in Forcing Change. Two books I read outside of the World Federalist/One Force umbrella were;

1) David Morris, The Masks of Lucifer: Technology and the Occult in Twentieth-Century Popular Literature (B.T. Batsford, 1992) – a fascinating overview of techno-occultism and esoteric themes in modern culture. I appreciated Morris’ brief but informative explanation of Theosophy. Another aspect I found valuable was the solid occult linkage to the “ancient astronaut” theory that’s so prevalent today.

2) Marc Hillel & Clarissa Henry, Of Pure Blood (Ferni Publishing House, 1979) – a troubling expose of the Nazi Lebensborn program; an important part of the eugenics worldview of the Nazi SS.

– Spoke one Sunday at a church in Rivers, Manitoba. And later in the month I was a guest on the radio show, Politics and Religion.

– On a lighter note: My two children participated in the Provincial speech arts festival. This was a great experience, and I’m so glad they had the opportunity to compete at this level. Both recited poetry and did a reading.

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