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Prepardness: More Relevant Than Ever

May 16, 2011

Note: I penned this before the weekend. On Saturday, the dike I  mentioned was breached. And for our American neighbours to the south along the Mississippi, a much larger release of water occurred in that massive watershed…

Morris, Manitoba in the Flood of 2011

As I write this, my home province is in one of the biggest battles with nature to date – flooding, flooding and more flooding. People in different parts of the region have been warned, and are being told, that immediate evacuation notices could come at any time. For some, the calls have already been made. Farms, homes, and entire communities are on alert. And on the weekend it’s anticipated that the Manitoba government will have to cut a dike to ease the pressure on the Assiniboine River spillway, flooding villages and approximately 225 square kilometers of farm land in order to save communities downstream.

In retrospect, the latest edition of Forcing Change – released a few weeks ago – is more relevant then ever. If you haven’t downloaded it, you’ll want to, for the lead article wrestles with emergency preparedness and readiness planning in a serious way. Subsections of the article include:

Spiritual: A look at how we should frame readiness from a spiritual point of view; trust and action! 

Mindset: Developing a mindset that doesn’t operate on paranoia, but one willing to think through challenges before they occur.

Social Knowledge: Having an understanding of your social surroundings, and the importance of building bridges with your neighbors.

Geographical Knowledge: Know your landscape, know your region, know what’s around you and how to navigate your way through.

Skills: Tackling new skill challenges now will equip you during a crisis. It’s a good lifestyle habit!

Vehicles: What to put in your car when your vehicle becomes the point of action.

Home: Is your home equipped to ride out a storm? For three days? For two weeks? It’s time to take stock.

EXTRA: A week or so before the latest issue of FC was released, Forcing Change established a small storefront with readiness supplies. This includes emergency packs complete with food items and other essentials, a very cool back-up stove that’s versatile and portable, a solar powered generator utilizing panels to produce electricity, “Gone Before You Get There” – a report that looks at historical crisis and what items typically disappear from the shelves first (and what to do about it before it happens), along with other helpful products.

The purpose of this storefront is threefold:

1) To provide off-the-shelve, ready-to-use preparedness items for those who haven’t yet developed a working response program.

2) To act as an idea bank for those who are looking to custom design and self-equip.

3) To offer working alternatives to those who already have a response program and wish to augment it or modify as needed.

The Forcing Change storefront:

The Forcing Change homepage:

And please pray for those dealing with natural and manmade disasters in Manitoba… and in Quebec, and the US Midwest and South, Mexico’s border region, Japan, Spain (an earthquake hit a couple of days ago), Libya and Syria and Yemen, Somalia, Greece and the other European nations faltering under economic crisis, Burma, Kiribati, and the list goes on and on.

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