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April Update

May 2, 2011

Here’s a breakdown of April – a month with all sorts of weather related adventures.

– April 1: Attended the Politics of Religion conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a good event with well defined presentations, challenging research, and some new perspectives to mull over. Best of all, I was among friends, fellow authors and researchers, and made new connections throughout the two day conference.

– Toured through Chicago’s Field Museum (this is a favorite family destination) and took a nice stroll along the causeway to the Adler Planetarium. Spending half-a-day in Chicago when the weather is nice can be a lot of fun. Of course, half-a-day is only a teaser when it comes to the Windy City.

– Got stuck on the Interstate in central Wisconsin in a construction zone. This isn’t unusual or noteworthy, however, while stopped we watched an incredible thunderstorm develop overhead. The sky boiled, hail came down, and a tornado dropped twelve miles behind us.

– Spent too short of a time with friends in North Dakota; Fargo and Jamestown. And watched the flood waters rise (and still rising) in parts of rural North Dakota and Manitoba. In our area the spring flooding took out some culverts and washed away a few roads, and the worst is hopefully over. We were very fortunate – our yard had lots of water, but our basement remained dry.

– Managed to get the March issue of Forcing Change published in the beginning of the month, and posted the April edition at the end of the month. Both editions compliment each other, exploring events in the Middle East. Moreover, the April issue has an important article on preparedness – a not too ironic subject.

– Read Peter Hammond’s short book, In the Killing Fields of Mozambique. It was an eye opener that forced me to delve into the history of Marxism in south-east Africa. Read Russ Dizdar’s The Black Awakening, a study of Satanic ritual activity (and mental/spiritual programing) designed to produce a flash-point event in the not-so-distant future.

– Posted an older article on Earth Day on this blog. The article sparked debate on Facebook, and it was picked up by a few bloggers and web sites.

– Did a little metal detecting: Found a Canadian 1923 penny – which I learned has some value as a key year, and dug up a variety of interesting items, including three World War II brass RCAF Albatross buttons.

– Spent the last couple of days in April stuck at home during a blizzard, one that shut down most of the major arteries in Manitoba, and was a factor in a number of road fatalities. The week before the temperature was lovely, and then it all turned real nasty toward the end.

– The Northern Lights were back for April. I haven’t seen them in a long time. It’s nice to have the sun go down toward the north, and then watch the night sky glow with curtains of light. God is good.

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