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Of Books and Books and More Books

April 15, 2011

Today I crossed a mile-marker… or in my case, a bookshelf. Yes, light is faintly visible at the end of a very long tunnel. Since 2008 I’ve been slowly cataloging my library, the “nerve centre” of Forcing Change. Presently, I’m guessing my stacks are 3/4 complete, and when I’m finished this task I will enter a similar, yet separate set of tunnels – the cataloging of digital publications, filed documents, and audio/media collections.

So what am I using? After messing around with different methods, I found LibraryThing to be the best option. It’s cloud-based, (hence I can access my collections from anywhere with a web connection), and it has a host of features that make it easy to add items, import/export, tag, and statistically compare different aspects of my library (such as how many books were published in different decades, etc). Collections can also be set-up as “private” or “public,” either restricting access or allowing the general public to view listings. LibraryThing has a social network component, but this is one part of the package I haven’t done much with as my goal for using the program is more utilitarian.

If you have a library and want to catalog your collection, I’d highly recommend LibraryThing. It’s free for the first 200 books, and if you need to add space you’ll find that the “Lifetime” membership fee is very reasonable.

My library holdings can be viewed by following the Teichrib profile link below.

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